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These were the faculty and students of New Rochelle High School's Program for Inquiry, Involvement, and Independent Study (3I Program). Visit the home page for more information about 3Is, or Facebook's 3I Program Alum group.


Years may be approximate. Corrections are welcome.

Name Subject Years Notes
Joe Appleby Science 1975
Don Baughman Social Studies
1970-1975 Assistant principal at, then principal of New Rochelle High School, till retirement.
Bill Bernstein Social Studies 1982
Jim Brady Science 1975-1976
Herb Cohen Science 1971-1973 "Independent Education Management Professional" --LinkedIn

Associate professor/program coordinator, Elementary Education, Arizona State University College of Education, Tempe. Received Ph.D. in science education from the University of Iowa in 1976. --Arizona State University (via Archive.org)
Tom Curry Social Studies 1980-1981
Ronnie Dane Social Studies 1979-1980 "Senior Supervising Attorney" --Lawyers for Children

"After college, I lived in Amsterdam for a couple of years as a computer programmer (that was only about 20 computer generations ago!). After a couple of years in Chicago, I became a high school social studies teacher in New Rochelle, NY, commuting out from NYC. There I was active in the school employees' union. After 6 years, I went to law school to become a union-side labor attorney. I am still a lawyer, but I wound up representing children, mostly kids in foster care and children involved in custody and visitation disputes, in NYC. My domestic partner, Al Rabinowitz, is retired from the union field services. He has two daughters and we now have 4 young grandchildren. . . ." --WBRU, Brown University 1960s Memories

? Dicker ? 1972  
Barbara Frank Science 1975-?  
Richard Golden Science 1976-1983 "My wife and I came to California to be near our grandchildren and we lived in a house in the Oakland hills for 12 years. Now we live in a community of retired folks that fills a valley not far from Walnut Creek, 45 minutes east of San Francisco. The place is called Rossmoor. There are 9,000 of us here with clubhouses, community pools, a free movie house, golf courses and tennis courts. We have our own newspaper and TV channel, 200+ clubs, and Spanish-speaking workers who cut the lawns, keep the gardens, take care of the outside of our homes and pick us up when we fall down. I keep busy walking almost every morning with my dog in the woods that surround the valley. The rest of my time is taken up with reading, the philosophy club and primarily with the business of Rossmoor's atheist group (about 90 members) which I founded and lead."

"Richard Golden, an 85-year-old former high school science teacher [founded] Rossmoor Atheists. . . . Rossmoor, a senior living community, might seem an unlikely recruiting ground for the anti-God cause. When folks are strolling down life's backstretch, you'd expect them to be searching for a shining light at the finish line, not a yawning abyss. Nonsense, Golden says. 'I began this organization because a friend of mine, a retired Berkeley professor, recognized he was an atheist,' Golden said. 'His wife and family were religious fundamentalists, but he never said a word to them. When I found that out, I wondered how many more people in Rossmoor might be in a similar position.' Eight years later, the organization has 110 dues-paying members and 145 names on its email list." --"Bay Area Atheist Groups Are a Godsend for Non-Believers," Contra Costa Times
Arnie Goldstein Social Studies 1976-1978
Corwith Hansen Math 1973-1977 "Thanks to the 3I Program, its wonderful students, and Don and Alan, I learned how to be a teacher there."

Later assistant principal, Scarsdale High School, quoted in "Extra Credit" (Washington Post), "Big Winnings" (New York Times), and "Parents: Look, but Don't Touch College Applications" (Washington Post).
Ceil Harris Art 1971-1973  
Dave Hicks Science 1972-1973  
Kathy Jacks Language 1972-1973?  
Linda Kessler Math 1980-1983 "After 3I's I went back to the 'regular' high school for one year, the Scarsdale A School for one year, and then moved to Chicago. Changed careers and spent about 18 years in employee benefit consulting to corporate employers -- domestic and international -- the last being Aon Corp. Lived in London for four years. Currently retired and living in New Jersey."

Morris Klein
Science 1973-1976 Reportedly died in 1988.
Lois Kraus student teacher 1973  
Mona Levine Math 1970-1972?  
Peter Lundahl student teacher 1974  
Eric Newland student teacher 1973 "At Designer One, a popular clothing store, the owner, Eric Newland, is regarded as a kind of guru of fashion, dispensing wisdom on the coming trends and designers to those who care about such things. ''I had a Nicole Miller show when she was just starting out,'' he said proudly as he fingered one of the designer's fall ties, imprinted with little footballs and helmets and other sports gear. The personal touch is also important in a small village, even a sophisticated one like Larchmont, Mr. Newland said. He keeps computer files on his regular customers' likes and dislikes, and even stays open past scheduled hours if he knows a loyal client is running a little late." -- "Where Autumn's Esoteric Items Draw Serious Shoppers," New York Times
Judy Raab Social Studies 1982 "Independent Legal Services Professional" --LinkedIn

"An associate counsel in the State Office of Court Administration in New York" --New York Times

"Judy Raab picked up the baton and added a lawyer’s attention and a long-term resident’s knowledge to the details of town governance." --Larchmont Gazette
David Batholemew (Dave) Sachs Art ca. 1975  
Mike Schneider student teacher 1974  
Alan Shapiro English/
Died Friday, January 28, 2011, at Danbury Hospital in Connecticut after a short illness, at the age of 85. He had described himself for this page as: "Adjunct teacher at such places as the College of New Rochelle and Vassar; working for the Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility (formerly Educators for Social Responsibility) mainly as their international education director, which took him and others once to China, four times to the ex-Soviet Union, eight times to Poland, twice to Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Currently writing materials for Teachablemoment.org, a Morningside Center project encouraging critical thinking in classrooms on current events. Making poems; moved to one of the ridges in Ridgefield, Connecticut; lots of walking and lazing around."

Read his obituary here, and see links to remembrances of him, and to writings by him, here.

Survived by, among others: Sue Shapiro, Paul Shapiro
Bob Siebold Social Studies 1978-1979  
Isaac Siegman Math 1972  
Ruth Sternbach Science ?  
Ray Stoeth Art 1980-1981  
Barbara J. Tavrow English 1971-1976 "Six unforgettable years! I lived in Woodside, CA from 1978-1996, working as a professional fundraiser for nonprofits. Currently, I’m a principal of Tavrow|Lund Consulting, LLC, One Sound Shore Drive, Greenwich, CT 06830, consulting to nonprofits. I am living in Weston, Connecticut with my husband, Dick. Our son, Josh, 28, is a heavy metal guitarist with an amazing band, and lives in Denver; and our daughter, Sara, 24, is an advertising star at Kirshenbaum Bond Partners, NY. Happily, I’m still in touch with some of my former students from the 3I’s. What an extraordinary group of young people they were!"
Tom Walsh Math ?  
Dan Welsh Film 1973  
Nerissa Williams Social Studies 1970-1973  
Jean Wine Art 1973-1974  
Cal Wintman NRHS counselor?-1983 Died November 6, 2003, age 79. "He was a guidance counselor at New Rochelle High School for 33 years." --Journal-News
Dick Wolfsie Social Studies/English 1975-? "Dick Wolfsie is one of Indianapolis’ most recognizable personalities. His 30 years on TV in central Indiana have resulted in dozens of honors including a Casper Award and three Emmys. Many of his video essays have been nationally syndicated and aired on CBS and CNN. For the past 25 years he has been a feature reporter for WISH TV. Dick’s weekly humor column is published in more than 35 newspapers and is now a weekly feature on WFYI radio. He has written 12 books including Mornings with Barney and Indiana Curiosities, a collection of the 300 most off-the-wall people and places in Indiana, now in its third edition. His newest book, Mopey Dick, is a compilation of his funniest humor columns. He lives in Indianapolis with his wife Mary Ellen and his beagle, Toby." --WISH-TV

Lorenza Wynn Science 1970  
Dale Zheutlin Art 1974-1983 Taught for 22 years at Mamaroneck High School, where she was also chair of the art department; retired 2007. "Before coming to Mamaroneck she was Adjunct Professor of Ceramics at the College of New Rochelle. Dale studied architecture and painting at the Rhode Island School of Design, where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. She subsequently received a Master of Fine Arts degree from Columbia University. Dale is also active as a site-specific artist. Her large-scale ceramics are commissioned by architects and designers, and her work appears in over 35 corporate collections." --Annenberg Learner

"Dale Zheutlin earned a MFA from Columbia University as a painter and print maker. From the very beginning color and lines were the foundation of her large abstract paintings. Taking architectural courses at the Rhode Island School of Design while earning a BFA, impressed on Dale the necessity for a strong structure in her abstract work. Canvas and prints morphed into a total absorption with ceramics. The clay, her canvas, added another dimension, the ability to carve into the painted surface. The work started small and grew. Two foot square, three dimensional wall hung pieces expanded until some of her site specific installations covered New York skyscraper lobby walls and weighed upwards of a ton. She never strayed far from her roots as an abstract painter. Stains and glazes replaced paints, and carved lines, revealing the white porcelain substrate, emboldened the surface. Always the risk taker and inspired by new technology, Dale, once again, combined media, never leaving: abstraction, color, and structure. With the aid of digital photography, computer manipulation of the images and acrylic paints she is breaking new ground. . . . Her art has been exhibited internationally and is in museums, corporate and private collections, throughout the United States." --Dale Zheutlin


Graduating years are often approximate. Early years' lists may inadvertently include nonstudent members of the community involved with 3Is, including 3I parents. This list ends in 1986 to include 3I students in ninth grade at the time of 3Is' closing in 1983. This list includes students graduating outside 3Is, and nongraduates. Corrections are welcome.

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Daniel Jason Britton"Art Director/Webmaster, Catamount Radio Group; Logistics Manager, MicroModule Systems; Senior Distribution Manager, Digital Equipment Corporation" --LinkedIn

"One day, a man stumbled into town. . . . He smelled like booze and cheap cigars and would often belt out Lowell George tunes on the street corner for small change. A wandering wizard stumbled upon this man (he couldn't help it, he was passed out on the sidewalk) and told him he was destined for greater things. Inspired, he went to the store and bought more booze. Years later (still reeking of booze, but of a higher quality), he was struck by an out-of-control shopping cart and this twist of fate jogged his memory and he knew who he was for the first time in years. 'My name is Gypsy,' he bellowed, to no one in particular. He was arrested shortly after, as he remembered his name, but not his pants. . . . Now, he is (somewhat) sober and spends his time helping elderly people across the street (many of whom do not even want to cross) and talking into what he calls a 'Magic Voice Stick' when possible here on Gypsy's Radio." --"Daniel Jason Britton, 'Gypsy,' Program Director" (of Gypsy's Radio)

Fred Goodman
Peter Hanssen
Pauli Hogan
Cindy Kallet"Cindy Kallet is a songwriter, singer, and guitarist who has taught and performed extensively throughout North America in coffeehouses, concert halls, house concerts, and music camps. She has also appeared on A Prairie Home Companion and WFMT’s Folkstage. Her first album, Working on Wings to Fly, was voted one of the “Top 100 Folk Albums of the [last] Century“ by WUMB Boston radio listeners, and Kallet’s Leave the Cake in the Mailbox: Songs for Parents and Kids Growing Up was chosen for a 2004 Parents’ Choice Gold Award. She tours as a solo performer, as half of the duo Cindy Kallet and Grey Larsen, and as a third of the trio Kallet, Epstein, and Cicone. Her love for the natural beauty of the New England coast has been the inspiration for many of her songs. Cindy has five solo albums to her credit: Working On Wings to Fly and Cindy Kallet 2 on Folk Legacy Records, and Dreaming Down a Quiet Line, This Way Home, and Leave the Cake in the Mailbox: Songs for Parents and Kids Growing Up, on the Stone’s Throw Music Label. She has also recorded three trio albums with Ellen Epstein and Michael Cicone: Angels in Daring, Only Human, and HeartWalk, as well as a collaborative collection, Neighbors, with Gordon Bok. In the past decade she has joined musical forces with Grey Larsen and they have recorded an album together, Cross the Water, as well as a techno-folk single, Back When We Were All Machines. In 2003, she assembled The Cindy Kallet Songbook: A Collection for Guitar and Voice. It contains words, music, chords, and guitar tab for 32 original songs." --Cindy Kallet

Joel Klein
Larry Liebman 
Robert Meyer
Brian O'Loughlin"Realtor, Sales Associate at Keller Williams Realty"; formerly "Menu Innovation Development Chef Consultant, Cul-Innovation Culinary Support Services" --LinkedIn

Paula Phillips / Ayele Nkromah Bandele"Research Scientist, Pfizer" --LinkedIn

Paul Renda

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Joey Biber
Julius Braunschweig
Janet Breger
Abbot BurnsReportedly died in 1986.
Mitchel Chalek"Mitchel Chalek, acupuncturist at Village Acupuncture since 1999, received his Master of Science in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, and his bachelor's degree from New York University. He is Nationally Certified in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology and licensed to practice acupuncture in both New York and New Jersey. He is also certified in Ohashiatsu, a Japanese acupressure technique. Mitchel is a faculty member of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York City and The Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine in Montclair, NJ, where he teaches acupuncture and Chinese herbology. He held the position of Senior Acupuncturist at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Integrative Care Center from 2002-2003. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Acupuncture Society of New York where he was the editor of their publication the Meridian Times."--Village Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology

Coauthor, The Art of Chinese Chops (The Chinese Stamp Kit)

Abby Dulman
Alison Ender
Linda Eisenman Kotowski
Doug Freedman"Dr. Douglas Freedman hails from New Rochelle, New York. His love of science, mechanics, and automobiles led him to Europe to work for a major performance car manufacturer, designing and building engines. Prior to that, Dr. Freedman earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology at the State University of New York in Buffalo. After receiving his Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree from Howard University, where he graduated near the top of his class, he completed a one-year residency at Montefiore Hospital in New York. He taught and maintained a practice at Montefiore Hospital before establishing Freedman and Haas Orthodontics in West Palm Beach, Florida, in 1991. Dr. Freedman is a member of a prestigious team of doctors aligned with St. Mary's Hospital who treat patients with craniofacial syndromes. He has also been an instructor at PBSC's Dental Research Clinic where he educated fellow dentists about orthodontics. He is a Diplomate of the American Board of Orthodontics and holds memberships in the American Association of Orthodontics, American Dental Association, Florida Dental and Orthodontic Associations, Florida Damon Study Club, and Palm Beach County Dental Association. When not at the office, he enjoys spending time with his family, biking, boating, and building computers. Also, he is a lifelong automobile enthusiast." --Freedman & Hass Orthodontics

Paul Glantz
Leslie B. Golden Wagstaff "I am living in Lafayette, California, with my husband and three children. I am a landscape architect with my own practice in Oakland, California."

"Leslie B. Golden, LEED AP, is an award-winning licensed Landscape Architect, Urban Designer and Planner, with over 30 years of experience in the private and public sector on projects ranging from streetscapes, urban plazas, gateways, transit hubs, multi- family housing, commercial development, schools, master planning, parks, creek restoration and waterfront developments. Leslie is passionate about working with communities, agencies and stakeholders to transform their needs into physical form. Working closely with all stakeholders in the design process ensures the successful completion of each project. Influenced by her academic study of architecture, Ms. Golden has developed a strong portfolio of notable gateway features and custom site improvements which provide a strong sense of community pride and bring economic revitalization to their respective neighborhoods. Ms. Golden is committed to providing sustainable solutions, which will conserve our limited natural resources and reduce operational costs. It is her goal to educate, lead by example and improve the environment for the next generation. She has delivered lectures on sustainable landscape solutions to facility and property owners in her continuing effort to assist our clients to save resources on their operating costs." --Golden Associates

Richard Hobbs
Kenny Holmes
Margie Hornik
Jim Jaffe "Professor at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater" --LinkedIn (retired spring 2015)

"Going to court is expensive and time-consuming. Even in the 18th and 19th centuries, people looked for ways to remedy the high costs and delays of formal systems of justice. Arbitration - bringing in a third party to settle disputes without lawyers and courts - arose as an alternative. James Jaffe is working to uncover this lost history. This fall, supported by a Fulbright award, Jaffe will travel to West Yorkshire in northern England for a six-month research trip. There, at the University of Leeds, Jaffe will examine historical documents from the industrial revolution. . . . Jaffe's interest in arbitration originally took him to India in 2009. Backed by a $101,000 National Science Foundation grant, Jaffe pored over documents in the Mumbai Archives to learn about an early form of Indian local government called panchayats. Made up of five people, panchayats were tasked with solving disputes among villagers, including property rights, marriage and family issues." --"Justice without Lawyers and Courts," University of Wisconsin - Whitewater

Lindy Joslow Gallagher"Director of Alumni Relations & Development, SCE at Columbia University," West Palm Beach, FL --LinkedIn

Phyllis King
Daniel M. Klein "I started in 1970, but graduated in 1972. . . . The 3i program was the most formative and enduring learning experience of my life. . . . Here's a short summary of these thirty-odd years: Resides in Boulder, CO with his two kids. Mountaineer, sometime adventurer and occasional software entrepreneur. Still remembers Alan's "Language and Reality" class . . . this world is indeed a phenomenological wilderness."

Jeff Kling
Elliot Lane
Sherry L. Leichman "From the Web site, I found Leslie Golden (we are class of '72) and we started communicating over e-mail. We were really good friends until we graduated college in '76. We lost touch. Paul Shapiro ('73) put us in touch. Anyway, Leslie lives in Oakland and I live on Maryland. Two years ago she came to see me and this summer, I went to visit her with my husband and my youngest son. I met her husband and her children. I saw her mother and father (her father was a teacher in the 3 I's after we graduated -- Richard Golden). I hadn't seen them since I was 18 (I am now 53). Leslie and I were best best friends and we lived at each other's houses. What a reunion!!! Our kids also hit it off. Thanks to the 3I's Web site. Good job. Thanks."

"Ms. Leichman is licensed to practice in the District of Columbia and Maryland and is the founding member of the Collaborative Dispute Resolution Professionals, Inc. and is a trained Collaborative Law attorney. She is also a trained mediator and provides mediation for the Montgomery County Courts, as well as, mediation for private clients. Ms. Leichman is a fellow of the American Academy of Adoption Attorneys and has a wealth of experience in private adoptions including contested adoptions. She is also experienced in Interstate Compact for Placement of Children (ICPC) work. Formerly a partner of Schweitzer, Scherr and Leichman in Bethesda, Maryland, Ms. Leichman worked on complicated adoption and domestic relations cases gaining the trust of clients. Previously, as an associate with the Lewis Law Firm, a prominent domestic relations law firm in the District of Columbia, Ms. Leichman prepared complicated property settlement agreements, negotiated and litigated child custody cases, divorces, monetary awards, adoptions and other family law matters. Ms. Leichman was an Associate County Attorney for Montgomery County, Maryland, for twelve years serving for ten years as in-house counsel for the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, representing Child and Adult Protective Services in neglect and abuse cases and handling all the adoptions of foster children. She has an expertise in sex abuse cases. She was also the Chief Counsel for the code enforcement unit for two years. Ms. Leichman served as judicial law clerk to the Honorable Douglas Moore, Jr., and Honorable John Tracey, both currently retired judges of the Montgomery County Juvenile Court. Ms. Leichman received her Bachelor of Science from Boston University and her Juris Doctorate from Antioch School of Law. --Leichman & Snyder, P.C.

Kenny Long
Steve Lowen
Nancy Marcus
Cookie Metichecchia
Robert Neuvelt
Victor Panoff"Sr. Advocate at Disability Rights Florida; previously, Advocacy Center for Persons with Disabilities Inc., Private Practice, Legal Aid Society of Palm Beach County, Inc" --LinkedIn

Linda Paul
Donna Rakower
Donna Ross Finegold
Mitzi Schrag "Mitzi Schrag is Professor of English at Clark College. She joined the faculty of Clark College in September, 1997. A graduate of Clark College, Reed College, and the University of Washington, Mitzi earned a B.A. in English at Reed and an M.A. at UW. Having completed her Ph.D. exams, she is currently ABD at the University of Washington, where she continues to make progress toward completing her dissertation for the Ph.D. in English, the title of which is Rei(g)ning Mediums: Spiritualism, Race, and Genre in 19th Century American Literature. Mitzi Schrag specializes in American Literature as well as Composition and Rhetoric. She is currently serving as the Composition Coordinator for the English department. She participates in various campus activities and committees as well as conferences and seminars, including the Summer Masters Teaching Institute in International Studies, the MLA, (Modern Language Association), and PMLA (Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association) conferences. Mitzi is a recipient of honors and scholarships including Phi Beta Kappa, an American Business Women’s Scholarship, a Reed Grant, a Huckabay Teaching Fellowship, a Barbara Bronson Himmelman English Graduate Award, and a grant from the Pew Charitable Trust." --Clark College

Dena Schutzer "Editorial and children's book illustrator. Currently teaches painting and drawing at the Heschel High School, NYC. Always paints! Married with two children, living in Yonkers."

"I am a painter, and have worked professionally in the following visual arts fields: Teaching: 1996-present, Art Faculty and Art Department Chair, Abraham Joshua Heschel High School 2001- present, Grades 9-12. . . . ILLUSTRATOR: 1984-1997. . . . FILM EDITOR & STILL PHOTOGRAPHER, 1979-1985, Independent film companies, documentaries & public relations." --Dena Scutzer

Anne ShahmoonAnne Shahmoon brings extensive real estate knowledge, marketing experience and negotiating skills to her work as a seasoned agent at Exclusive Properties Sotheby's International Realty. Real estate is the third of three careers and is the most rewarding. . . . Since re-entering the real estate sales world in the spring of 2006, Anne has worked in two arenas -- the re-sale marketplace and in new condominium development sales. Anne Shahmoon successfully sold out the new condominium development at 628 West 238th Street in Riverdale. Anne brings 10 years of marketing and business experience, cultivated with clients such as Merrill Lynch and Citigroup, to the presentation of all of her exclusive listings. . . . Anne is a graduate of Brown University and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine. Anne has resided with her husband and two children in Manhattan, Westchester and now in Riverdale. . . . She is pleased to bring the compassion and calmness that she developed as a licensed acupuncturist and certified Yoga teacher to her relationships with both customers and clients, as together they negotiate what can often be stressful and harrowing terrain." --Sotheby's

Peter Siegel"Visiting Associate: Engineering and Applied Science; Senior Scientist: Division of Biology (11 years); Senior Research Scientist: Jet Propulsion Laboratory (26 years) . . . Dr. Siegel’s research specializes in the invention, development and delivery of a wide range of specialized sensor and source devices, components, and instruments spanning the frequency range between 100 and 10,000 GHz which includes the millimeter, submillimeter and far infrared wavelength regimes: the terahertz bands. . . . Research work is conducted both at Caltech and at the nearby Jet Propulsion Laboratory, where the emphasis is on Earth, space science and planetary applications of THz technology. Dr. Siegel has recently founded a small international consulting company, THz Global, through which he is continuing his THz research work in collaboration with an international team of colleagues with expertise that spans the full range of millimeter and submillimeter wave applications. Over the past 26 years Dr. Siegel and his Submillimeter Wave Advanced Technology team at JPL and Caltech have developed and delivered critical sensor hardware for four space flight missions. . . In addition to Earth, planetary and space science, Dr. Siegel is interested in terrestrial applications of terahertz imaging and spectroscopy and has been actively pursuing several related initiatives in the health and biological sciences. . . ." --Caltech

Jay Simson President, American Council of Engineering Companies of New York --ACEC

Alberto Velasquez
Frankie Williams
Neil Williams
Neil Winters
Sherry Zeitler

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Ronald Ackridge
Roberta Adams
Emily Olshansky"Emily M. Olshansky is a judge for the Kings County Family Court in New York. She was appointed to this position in 2004 and was reappointed in October of 2007 to a term that ends in 2017. Olshansky attended Sarah Lawrence College for her Bachelor of Arts and Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law, Yeshiva University for her J.D. Olshansky worked for two matrimonial law firms as an associate and for the New York Supreme Court, Appellate Division's First Department as a Law Guardian Director and in other various postions. She also served as Assistant Deputy Chief Appellate Court Attorney and Special Projects Counsel for the New York court system. In 2004, she was appointed to the Family Court." --Ballotopedia

Beth Barnett
Amy Bernstein
Susan Blacker
Brenda Bliss
Lucy Bloom
Michelle Blumenkrantz
Susan Borows
Dan Brandt
Rachel Brody
Amy Bromberg Funk
Gerald Brown
Doug Byers
Cliff Cohen"Manager, National Distribution and Network Development at ACDelco General Motors --LinkedIn

"Cliff Cohen Talks Chevy Performance and Parts at SEMA 2012" --YouTube

Susan Cole
Felice DalginDied May 21, 1997, of breast cancer. Member of the Labyrinth Dance Theater and the Manuel Alum Dance Company.
Scott Danziger"President, Scottex Fabrics" --LinkedIn

Dennis Doherty"Professor at SUNY New Paltz" --LinkedIn

"After dropping out of high school, he hitched across the country, doing odd jobs and hanging out with ‘older people who were turning into bums and druggies.’ . . . Struggling with plans for the future, Doherty ‘turned to the bold romantic move of joining the Navy.’ He was first stationed in New London for two years, extended his enlistment six months, and spent another two-years on the forward-deployed frigate Lockwood out of Yokosuka, Japan. . . . This experience fostered his physical and mental strength, enforced a responsible workmanship, and formed his “nascent moral conscience.” . . . After his mother’s death, Dennis entered an existential crisis, suddenly seized with the necessity of doing something important and meaningful, rather than working as a clerk on Wall Street. . . . At the end of his undergraduate education, he was offered a TA position if he pursued a Master’s in English at New Paltz. . . . He acquired adjunct positions at three different universities, culminating in five courses per semester. . . . He served as Director of the Creative Writing program and the Poetry Board for seven years. . . . He fused the Poetry Board with the Creative Writing program. . . . Doherty’s reputation as the ‘poetry professor’ and aficionado only blossomed later on in his post-graduate experience. . . . After publishing three volumes of poetry -- The Bad Man (Ye Olde Font Shoppe, 2004), Fugitive (Codhill, 2007), and Crush Test (Codhill, 2010) -- Doherty enjoys local readings. . . . His work exercises descriptive imagery, explores abstract thoughts, revisits familiar topics of ‘love, life, death, and sex,’ and recollects events in a personal and communal context. . . . Doherty has three daughters. The oldest is twenty-two, attending SUNY Stony Brook, and the others are seventeen and fifteen.” -- The Bullhorn (PDF of entire issue) (via Jaime Burns's single article)

David Fein
Marcia Feinglas
Heide Feinstein
Steve Figatner
Robert Fries
Billy Fuchs
Candy Ganues
Judy Gellman
Nancy Gitlitz
Andy Greenberg
Gail Harary
Linda Hempfield
Kim Jones
Teri Koff "Teri Koff, LCSW, CMC is a leader in the Aging Life Care Profession serving New York City, Westchester and the Hamptons." --Teri Koff.

Gail Kramer
Mary Manchester
Andy Markusfeld
Billy Moloshok
Tom Murphy
Eric Newland"At Designer One, a popular clothing store, the owner, Eric Newland, is regarded as a kind of guru of fashion, dispensing wisdom on the coming trends and designers to those who care about such things. ''I had a Nicole Miller show when she was just starting out,'' he said proudly as he fingered one of the designer's fall ties, imprinted with little footballs and helmets and other sports gear. The personal touch is also important in a small village, even a sophisticated one like Larchmont, Mr. Newland said. He keeps computer files on his regular customers' likes and dislikes, and even stays open past scheduled hours if he knows a loyal client is running a little late." -- "Where Autumn's Esoteric Items Draw Serious Shoppers," New York Times

Debbie Nissim "Former Copy Editor at the Greenville News" --LinkedIn

Kurt Ochshorn
Jonathan Pfeffer
Michelle Pringle
Mike Robinson
Alice Rose "Glass and Fiber Artist at Alice Rose Designs" --LinkedIn

John Rosenthal
Eric Rothman
Brad Samuelsohn
Billy Sanders
Ken Sanford
Eric Saunders
Joe Schneck
Paul Shapiro "Paul teaches video cinematography at Greens Farms Academy in Westport, Ct. -- a gorgeous private school, where his wife, Connie Ennis, is head of the lower school. They have recently moved to Redding, CT from Santa Barbara, CA. Paul's summer residence is on Whidby Island, off of Seattle, Washington. He has a son named Lucas, 11, who also attends Greens Farms Academy." -- Sue Shapiro

Peter Sklar "A well known talent scout and expert on young performers, Peter Sklar has more than 30 years of experience discovering, advising, and working behind the scenes with young people in the performing arts industry. Having completed a master’s degree in education focused on adolescent development and counseling at Harvard University, Peter Sklar spent his early career working as a piano accompanist and coach for aspiring young Broadway performers in New York City. The best-known of Peter Sklar’s initiatives is the Beginnings Workshop, a week-long performing arts industry training intensive he founded in 1984 and which now runs multiple times a year in several U.S. and U.K. cities. An offshoot of the workshop’s activities is Sklar’s publication Winning Monologues From the Beginnings Workshop, which is used as a resource by casting directors and talent agencies and is a standard theater department text in high schools and colleges. In addition, Sklar recently made his Broadway producing debut with The Kid Who Played the Palace, an original musical he developed over a period of several years." --LinkedIn

Ira Socol "I actually have two new books out. One is a 'novel-in-stories' called The Drool Room, the other is a collection of microfiction (with one longer short story) called A Certain Place of Dreams. They are available now through stores.lulu.com/irasocol and Riverfoylepress.com which leads you to the same places. In both cases there is a short 'book preview' available. Now working for the State of Michigan as an assistive technology specialist. Living in Holland, Michigan (way west, right near Lake Michigan). Web site: www.forequalaccess.org. New Web sites: SpeEdChange and Google: Ira David Socol.

Lenny Stamm "Leonard R. Stamm is a criminal defense lawyer with 30 years of experience dedicated to zealously representing clients charged with drunk driving, driving under the influence (DUI), driving while impaired (DWI), and other criminal and vehicular offenses in state and federal district, circuit, and appellate courts throughout the state of Maryland. He understands the profound effects that can result from criminal or traffic convictions (or even from probation before judgments) and works aggressively in an effort to get the best possible outcome on behalf of all the firm's clients. . . . Mr. Stamm is nationally and locally recognized authority in the area of drunk driving defense and Motor Vehicle Administration hearings. He literally wrote the authoritative book on drunk driving in Maryland, Maryland DUI Law, published by West-Thomson-Reuters. He is also a Regent and Sustaining Member of the National College for DUI Defense, a national organization with over 1300 lawyers, currently serving on its executive board as Assistant Dean, as well as a nationally recognized speaker on DUI defense issues. Leonard R. Stamm has also been given Martindale Hubbell's highest rating, AV-Preeminent. He is recognized as a Super Lawyer, a Best Lawyer, and has been rated "10-Superb" by Avvo. Best Lawyer awarded Stamm "Lawyer of the Year" for 2015 in the area of DUI/DWI defense in the Washington, D.C. area."--Goldstein Á Stamm, P.A.

"The Crimestoppers have been playing rock 'n' roll and blues in the Washington, D.C. area since 1981 (yikes - 34 YEARS!) Originally known as 'Dick Tracy and the Crimestoppers,' the band shortened its name at the urging of an unnamed lawyer-member of the ensemble, who experienced angst about potential copyright infringement litigation in anticipation of the release of the Madonna-Warren Beatty Dick Tracy film. . . . " --The Crimestoppers

Peter Steckler
David Vinson
Eleanor Wakin
Peter Webur
Peggy Weiss
Margie Taft White"Today I head a market research company in Westchester and very often find my work influenced by the kind of thinking/learning that was at the heart of 3Is.
Denise Wiggins
Micheal "Miguel Weo-Clemente" Yellin

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Ed Bilaik?
Erica (Ricki) Bogin "Lower/Middle School Art Teacher/Gallery Director at Convent of the Sacred Heart" -- LinkedIn

Glenn Boornazian"I am living in New York and have a business where we design conservation programs for historic buildings and monuments."

David Church"David Church teaches band at Bedford Village, Bedford Hills, and West Patent Elementary Schools, and has been a member of the Bedford music staff since 2005. Previously he taught in the New Rochelle Public Schools for 21 years, primarily at the junior high/middle school level with added elementary responsibilities. Mr. Church has taught privately as a woodwind instructor for 38 years. As a performer, Mr. Church has held the lead alto saxophone chair with the Wednesday Nite Big Band for 20 years. He continues to perform as soloist with the combined Hudson Valley Wind Ensemble and the New Rochelle High School Alumni Wind Ensemble. In addition to premiering Conrad Andrianni’s “Soprano Saxophone Solo” in NYC, David Church can be seen and heard in and around NYC as a member of various performing groups ranging from guitar/flute duets, saxophone quartets, small jazz ensembles and big bands, as well as a guest member with the Hudson Valley Wind Symphony. He holds a BA in Saxophone from the Manhattan School of Music and an MME in Music Education Manhattan School of Music. Mr. Church has also completed post graduate work at Hartt School of Music, Central Connecticut State University, and Villanova University." --Bedford Central School District
Jon Degan
Heidi Fein
Nancy Figatner
Donis FlagelloSPIE (Society of Photographic Instrumentation Engineers ) Fellow Donis Flagello, a leading expert in photolithography and the former symposium chair of SPIE Advanced Lithography, has assumed the role of president, CEO, and COO of Nikon Research Corp. of America (NRCA), succeeding Thomas Novak, who has retired from the company. Flagello has been an NRCA Fellow for the past five years. He has over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor industry, encompassing manufacturing, development, and research. He has authored over 50 papers on photolithography, physical optics, imaging, and modeling, and holds two dozen patents. 'Donis Flagello will be an exceptional leader for NRCA,' Novak said. 'He is extremely well-known and respected within the industry and has the experience and broad-based knowledge required to drive NRCA,' he added. Flagello has a PhD in optical science from the University of Arizona and chaired SPIE Advanced Lithography from 2009 until 2012. He has served on the SPIE Board of Directors and the SPIE Publications Committee and other SPIE committees." --SPIE

Cookie Freedman
Mindy Fridovich Blatchford
Teresa Galano
Hal Goldstein"Hal Goldstein (aka Hal G, Hal Gold) is an American multi instrumentalist, (keyboards, vocals, guitar, harmonica, bass, other) and has played or toured with Roy Buchanan, Laura Nyro, Bobby Keys, Ian McLagan, Felix Cavaliere, Wilson Pickett, John Sebastian, Ben E. King, Edgar Winter, Ron Wood and Bo Diddley (Live At The Ritz CD and DVD as well as the USA, Europe and Japan Gunslingers tour of 1987 and 1988,) and Tommy James (Tommy James Greatest Hits Live! CD and DVD). As a composer Goldstein is an eight time SESAC TV And Film award winner. . . . To date he has over 3,400 songs published. He continues to have many new tracks a year released in a multitude of genres, and used on network, cable, syndicated and local TV-domestic and foreign. . . . Staff composer for Beach Street Music since 1995." --Wikipedia

"Hal G has been known as Hal Gold, Hal Goldstein and more recently as Hal G. He has been a touring sideman all over the world with artists like Ron Wood, Bo Diddley, Felix Cavaliere, Edgar Winter and Tommy James. A 6 time SESAC award winning composer for TV, a recording artist and just about every other thing from piano bars,rock bands, funk bands and a wealth of experiences over a long time in the music business. As a multi instrumentalist his album Hal G-Rocks And Roots (released August 11th 2012 as a publishers' request for classic rock styles) features 8 original songs. Keyboards, bass, guitar, drums, percussion and lead vocals were all played and sung by Hal except Billy Derby played guitar on "You`ve Been My Rock." --Reverb Nation
Fred Gardy
Claudia Gorman"As a photographer, the click of the shutter is just the beginning of my visual journey. Creating the photographic print is as important as taking the picture. The final image is all about my moods and insight. Subtle manipulations in the film or digital darkroom, camera and film choices, as well as hand coloring black and white photographs and using alternative processes, are all tools I consider using to create art. As Ansel Adams said, 'You don't take a photograph, you make it.' Photography is an art form I discovered about 40 years ago. I received instruction primarily at the International Center of Photography in New York City and the Center for Photography at Woodstock. My fine art prints have been exhibited extensively in the Hudson Valley for over 30 years in solo and group shows, as well as nationally. In 2004, I had the opportunity to exhibit my hand colored photographs at the Logis Royal, a castle in the Loire Valley, France." --Claudia Gorman
Cecille Guirma
Morris Hershoff
Lainie Isaacs
Joanne Jackson
Debbi Jacobs Eckert"My husband, Peter, and I have an architectural firm in Bethel, CT and two kids.

Eric Jawitz"Eric is in charge of creating an electronic FX Option trading product at FXall. . . . Eric was the global FX and FX Derivatives specialist at Calypso. Involved in pres-sales, professional services, Emerging Markets (Brasil), Enterprise Risk. Previously Eric was the business manager of the FX Option business at Bloomberg responsible for creating the strategic vision for the product, selling the master plan to Management, management and coordination of the IT development process, training the sales force, and creating a marketing plan with the goal of becoming the premier FX Option platform around the world. Other FX and FX Options IT experience includes 10 years at Credit Suisse (director), running Global FX IT and running Bear Stearns FX IT for 5 years, focusing on FX Options pricing and risk management. Eric also has a strong background in the Hedge Fund and Prime Brokerage area. He was the CTO at the hedgefund DKR Capital and was a the head of Margins IT at Morgan Stanley. Eric's Equity experience includes creating the equity option pricer for Lek Securities and working in Sales selling the Lek Electronic Execution system. Eric's education and certification includes: MBA - Cornell University. BA Physics/Computer Science - Ithaca College. Graduate – Salomon Brothers Sales and Trading Program. . . ." --LinkedIn
Kathy Jochen
Arthur Klein"I have created the award-winning film Y Yoga Movie (trailer). Currently I am working on a new project, Connect Dots Doc, which is about the history of freedom. The first part will be out in fall 2015."

Pamela Kling Takiff"I am a lawyer, consultant and human rights activist deeply committed to education and advocacy as a means to bring about social change. My current work is in the area of sex trafficking and peacebuilding. A firm believer in the power of storytelling to change hearts and minds and raise funds, I offer instructive workshops." --LinkedIn

"Pamela began her career as a human rights lawyer in 1987 at Lawyers Committee for Human Rights, currently Human Rights First (HRF). Focused on human rights violations committed by armed civilian groups, Pamela co-authored Vigilantes in the Philippines: A Threat to Democratic Rule. After raising two sons and working as a decorative artist, Pamela returned to HRF as an Advisor to the Fighting Discrimination Program in 2009. At HRF, she engaged in advocacy to defeat UN resolutions supporting a global blasphemy code. Through this work, Pamela came to recognize the value of storytelling to influence the beliefs of others and specifically, to draw attention to human rights abuses. She is currently a consultant and serves on the Executive Committee of the Connecticut Council of Vital Voices Global Partnership. Pamela is a graduate of Kenyon College and Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law." --Outward Bound Center for Peacebuilding

Aliza Klipstein"A photography residency at at the School of Visual Arts in New York inspired her to use photography to create socio-political and autobiographical doll narratives. Her first series titled 'Playing Grown Up' uses fairy tale images as backdrops for its 1/12 scale dolls and props. Her second series, submitted here, titled 'Is It Safe,' continues the use of doll narratives using photographs of family members who survived or who were murdered in the Holocaust as backdrops. Currently she is beginning a new project, 'Documenting The 2nd Generation: Children of Survivors of the Holocaust.' Her work has been seen in galleries and museums in New York and throughout the US In 2012 She received a grant from the Puffin Foundation. Her work can be seen online on her Web site and at Art and Feminism ITV. She is represented on Cape Cod by Rice Polak Gallery." -- City Without Walls

"During the day I am a fine art photographer. My large color photos are narratives that I create using dollhouse size dolls. You can see them on AlizaAugustine.com. . . ." -- Etsy

Robert LapidesProfessor, English Department, Borough of Manhattan Community College --CUNY

Maura Lehr"Director of Ambulatory Services at New York Presbyterian Hospital, White Plains, NY" --LinkedIn
Carolyn Mazel"Teacher, Music Together at Northampton Community Music Center" --LinkedIn

"Carolyn Mazel has been in and out of the early childhood world since she volunteered in a preschool classroom as a high school student. Now, in addition to her duties as administrative assistant in the Early Childhood department, Carolyn leads a weekly playgroup and oversees the Coordinated Family and Community Engagement grant in Hatfield. In her "spare time" she teachers Music Together®, an early childhood music and movement program, in Northampton." --Collaborative for Educational Service

David Merrill"Audio Recording Engineer at DMMusic, Inc." --LinkedIn

Joan Killough-MillerAlumni news editor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute -- Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Josh Pekowsky
Edgardo Pilnik"Sales and Marketing Manager at Soho Beverage" -- LinkedIn

Jan Purtz
Shaila Sawyer
Larry Schessel"I was part of the original crew at the 3Is and I have very fond memories. I'm sorry to hear it was canceled -- it provided a great opportunity for people who thought outside the box. . . ."

"Cofounder, Eventstreams.biz" --LinkedIn

Andy Schiff
Eric Segal
Diane Silberman Kuhn"Commercial Litigation; Corporate; Commercial; Estate Planning; Administration" --Martindale-Hubbell

Chair, Metropolitan Homelessness Commission, Nashville, Tennessee --Nashville.gov

Ruth Sternbach
Paul Stookey
Andy Teirstein"Composer Andy Teirstein's work is inspired by the rich and diverse folk roots of modern culture. His music has been described by The New York Times and the Village Voice as 'magical,' 'ingenious,' and 'superbly crafted.' A student of Leonard Bernstein, Henry Brant, Bruce Saylor and David Del Tredici, Teirstein writes music for the concert hall, film, theater, and dance. He is the recipient of the 2008 New York Foundaton for the Arts Music Composition Fellowship, and the American Composer Forum Continental Harmony commission, among other awards. . . . In recent years, Teirstein's eclectic background which includes acting, clown work, and performance art in addition to musical composition and performance has led him to extremely successful collaborations with a number of choreographers. These include Donald Byrd, Stephen Petronio, Phyllis Lamhut, Liz Lerman, Sara Pearson, Nina Wiener, Patricia Nanon, and Randy Warshaw. Teirstein performs as an actor and musician in the show Woody Sez, with successful runs in London's West End, at the American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge, the Edinborough Festival, and in Germany, Oklahoma and other places. He is also a touring musician with the world music/dance troupe The Vanaver Caravan. . . . . Teirstein received a BA in music from Bennington College, where he studied composition with Henry Brant. In 1984 he received an MFA as a member of the first class of the New York University Musical Theater Program, where he studied with Leonard Bernstein, Stephen Sondheim, Arthur Laurents and others, and he received a Ph.D from the Graduate Center of the City University of New York in 2010. He has expanded his musical background and instrumental expertise by learning Irish fiddle tunes in the pubs of Ireland; traveling around the United States and Mexico, studying with Hopi and Cheyenne Indians, performing as a musical clown with a Mexican circus; and journeying to Rumania and Bulgaria on an Artslink Fellowship to collect traditional music."--Andy Tierstein

"As writer and composer, has written scores for numerous choreographers, for theatre, and for film. Grants, awards, and honors include three NEA Opera/Musical Theatre Awards, a Meet the Composer Choreographer/Composer Commission; several Mary Flagler Cary Charitable Trust Awards; a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship; a MacDowell Fellowship; a Richard Rodgers Development Award; and numerous ASCAP awards. His CD Mannahatta was featured on WNYC’s New Sounds program. He has composed music for Donald Byrd’s The Beast, and Stephen Petronio’s Drawn That Way, Chris Elam’s Throw People, and has scored, arranged, and/or directed a number of musical theatre pieces, including Papushko, Winter Man, and The Wild. Music for film includes the BBC film Men, with choreography by Victoria Marks; The West, which premiered on PBS; and a BBC documentary series on Chinese scroll painting, Masters of Space. Teirstein’s viola concerto Maramures, recorded by the Prague Radio Symphony, was released on Masterworks Recordings. Original cast member of the Broadway musical hit Barnum. Appeared on Search for Tomorrow and in the film Sophie’s Choice. Commissioned by the University of Arizona to write a large-scale piece for seven choirs to accompany Liz Lerman/The Dance Exchange in their piece Hallelujah. Also commissioned by the Composer's Forum to write an original composition for symphony orchestra and choir forWashingtonState Millennium Concert. Dr. Teirstein performed with Pete Seeger at SUNY New Paltz and at the Clearwater Festival in June 2013. He was invited to be on the selection committee for the prestigious Richard Ellmann Lectures in Modern Literature this September in Atlanta, where he introduced and performed with singer Paul Simon. He has continued to tour as an actor and musician in the award-winning new musical, Woody Sez, and produced the show’s tour in Israel in August. Dr. Teirstein’s live score for Buglisi Dance Theater, 'Snow Falling on Water,' premiered at The Joyce Theater in February. His String Quartet with projections of his own photography, Restless Nation, received performances from the Catalyst String Quartet at Brooklyn Friends of Chamber Music in February and at the Grand Canyon Music Festival in August. The third act of his opera, A Blessing on the Moon, was performed in concert in May at Emory University’s Center for Ethics, directed by Bob McGrath (The Death of Klinghoffer at BAM). Dr. Teirstein served on the New York Foundation for the Arts selection panel and the Executive Board of the Vanaver Caravan." --NYU

Bob TyraSchool Counseling and Support Services Consultant -- LinkedIn

"Bob Tyra is recently retired from the Los Angeles County Office of Education where he worked for 27 of his 32 years in education. He served as a counselor, assistant principal, consultant and project director during this time. Mr. Tyra directed a California Counselor Leadership Academy for ten years. This program included three-day residential retreats and led to the development of the statewide 'Support Personnel Accountability Report Card' or SPARC. The Support Personnel Accountability Report Card has been published by more than 500 schools in the United States. Mr. Tyra lives in Hacienda Heights, California and currently works as a contract consultant and speaker. He also teaches graduate classes at California State University, Long Beach. . . ." -- National Association for College Admission Counseling

Sammy Whiting
Naomi Zuckman Brooks"Naomi Brooks, founder of Verdant Landscapes, received certificates in Gardening and Landscape Design from the New York Botanic Garden. She worked in a wholesale nursery and in the New York office of world-renowned landscape architects Oehme, van Sweden and Associates. Upon moving to Dutchess County in 2000, Naomi began Verdant Landscapes as a wholesale nursery, specializing in plant material. that thrive in our area. . . . Verdant Landscapes now creates landscape designs, specializing in the New American Garden -- sweeps of native and introduced plants that make a strong architectural statement while relating to specific house styles, sites, and regional motifs." --Verdant Landscapes

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Gwen Adler
Ando Arike
Nancy Balik
Mike Barksdale
Michael Bock
Pam Brezak
David Brody
Ronnie Blucher
Sue Caldwell
Gina Castillo
Sharon Cohen
Kevin Crockett
Frank Dalgin
Caroline DoctorowCaroline Doctorow, whom No Depression.com, the music publication, finds “akin to Nanci Griffith and Judy Collins…” just released her latest Americana/folk album with Narrow Lane Records. It’s called Raven Girl-Retrospective Vol. One. . . . It traces Ms. Doctorow's twenty five year career as a folksinger, songwriter and record producer. Ms. Doctorow has also recently released several retrospective albums interpreting the songs of earlier American Folk Songwriters. Another Country…The Songs of Richard and Mimi Farinã received critical acclaim and was called by critic Steve Maddeo “an album that enters the folk canon as one of the best collections of the recording of specific artists” Her western-themed release I Carry All I Own . . . The Songs of Mary McCaslin appeared on both the Americana, and Folk Radio airplay charts reaching #12 on Folk Radio. She has released a total of nine albums all of which continue to receive much airplay on folk and Americana stations worldwide. Caroline Doctorow has performed and/or recorded with a variety of prominent folk/roots performers including Nanci Griffith, Tom Paxton, John Sebastian, Annie Golden, Eric Weissberg, Pete and Maura Kennedy, Julie Gold, Chrsitine Lavin. and Hugh Prestwood. She was chosen to be a formal showcase artist in Memphis TN in 2010 by Folk Alliance International. Her recent appearances include The Guthrie Center in Great Barrington MA., Pete Seegers's Beacon Sloop Corn Festival, The Katharine Hepburn Theater in Old Saybrook CT, Infinity Hall in Norwalk CT, The Narrows Center for the Arts in Fall River MA, the Gold Hall Theater in Hewlett New York, and at The Patchogue Theater for the Performing Arts sharing a bill with Suzanne Vega and Amy Helm. Ms. Doctorow is a regular returning guest on the famed Blue Plate Special, the live radio broadcast produced and aired on WDVX, Knoxville. Her singing can be heard on the soundtrack of the feature film Daniel directed by Sidney Lumet, and on the PBS TV series Freedom, The History of Us. Her song "Big Duck Ramble" was featured in the Long Island History Journal, and in 2006 she was nominated by WIVK Knoxville for a HEMI Award in the “Future Female Artist” category. Caroline Doctorow has opened for The Band, Alison Krauss, Tim O'Brien, and Richie Havens. She and her band appeared this past summer at Chautauqua, the famed arts Institution in northern New York. She is the daughter of world renowned author E.L.Doctorow. -- Caroline Doctorow

Monique Einhorn
Jimmy Estrin"Photographer/Lens Blog Editor at the New York Times" --LinkedIn

"I grew up mostly in New Rochelle, N.Y. in a very diverse neighborhood and started photographing when I was 16. Almost immediately I knew what I wanted to do with my life. I wanted to be Eugene Smith. The next year I was taking workshops at the International Center of Photography and hearing him speak about his new book about Minimata. I went to Hampshire College, studying anthropology and labor history, and was influenced by Jerome Liebling in his photo and film classes. In 1979 I was back at ICP in their advanced studies program. I started at the Jackson Clarion-Ledger in Mississippi in 1981 and then freelanced in New York in 1983 for nine very long years (the last four at the New York Times). I was hired as a staff photographer at the New York Times in 1992. I have also written for the paper, and produced audio and video for nytimes.com. . . . I am proud to be a photojournalist. I think what we do is critically important to attaining a free and just society. This is probably not the best path to material riches but I cannot imagine a more satisfying and enjoyable way to spend one’s life. My advice is to go out and tell the stories that matter most to you…that you care passionately about. Believe in yourself and work as hard as you possibly can. Then work even more!" --National Press Photographers Association

Suli Fassier
Lori Flaks
Mark Furman
Risa Gerson"For more than twenty-five years, Risa Gerson has represented indigent criminal defendants challenging their convictions. Prior to joining the Office of Indigent Legal Services, Risa was the Director of the Reinvestigation Project at the Office of the Appellate Defender (OAD), a holistic client-centered appellate office in New York City. Risa came to OAD in 1996 as a supervising attorney, and was named the Director of Special Litigation in 2003. In 2009, she was named the Director of the Reinvestigation Project, which litigates post-conviction claims of innocence. Risa graduated from Barnard College in 1979 and from Brooklyn Law School in 1984. She was drawn to post-conviction work while a student at Brooklyn Law through an internship at the Prisoners Rights Project of The Legal Aid Society. After graduation, she joined the Parole Revocation Defense Unit of The Legal Aid Society, representing alleged parole violators at administrative hearings, in state habeas petitions, and on appeal. She then joined Legal Aid’s Criminal Defense Practice in Brooklyn, New York, representing indigent criminal defendants in Criminal Court. In 1989, she returned to post-conviction work, as an appellate attorney representing indigent criminal defendants at the Criminal Appeals Bureau of The Legal Aid Society. In addition practicing law, Risa was an Adjunct Professor of Clinical Law at New York University School of Law from 2010 through 2012, where she taught the Criminal Appellate Defender Clinic. She is a long-time member of the New York City Bar Association, and currently serves on the Criminal Justice Operations Committee." -- NYS Office of Indigent Legal Services

Pamela Gold
Zita Goldfinger
Ann Goodman
Helene Herbach
Karen Herman
Gary Jacobs
Susan Jawitz O'ToolePesticide Regulatory Specialist, USDA --LinkedIn

Penny Joslow Needle"Exercise and Wellness Consultant" -- LinkedIn

"Penny Needle has been a major fixture in the fitness and health industry for over 25 years, and over the past several years, has become ever more focused in her personal practices and in her teaching of yoga and Pilates. Penny is dedicated to guiding her students to achieve balance, strength and a mature and realistic approach to their own health and well being. She has studied extensively under renowned teachers, and is certified with over 400 Yoga Alliance training hours in Ashtanga, Hatha and Power Yoga. Penny’s Pilates training was done through Polestar Pilates with certifications in Allegro 1, 2, and 3, and Pilates Mat. She is also certified on the MVE Chair through Peak Pilates. Penny’s teaching style is dynamic and engaging, and keeps people coming back for more." --"South Miami Treehouse Instructors," Green Monkey

"Penny Needle has taught group classes for more than 30 years. Her work requires that she stay on top of new fitness trends with classes including Vinyasa Yoga, Pilates Fusion and Inside/Out Barre. At 57, she has created a cult-like following at Equinox in Coral Gables. 'I am constantly doing workshops and continuing education to keep my level of teaching up to standards,' she says, 'It’s challenging to find the time, but I have to make my students stay interested and come back.' For Needle, a mother of three, the career has allowed her to scale her work hours up or down based on her stage of life. Today, she works harder on stamina and supplements her fitness studio hours (and income) by teaching fitness at a corporation and one-on-one training in clients’ homes. 'I’m older than some others, but I really love the fact that I still have the ability to inspire people.'" --"Even Fitness Gurus Struggle to Find Time for Exercise," Miami Herald
Mimi Kahn
Matt Kass"I trade bonds, live in New Jersey, coach and watch youth sports and volunteer in my community. I still have my hair, my jump shot is rusty, I'm a step slow on defense, but can still score from first on a triple."

Stephanie Klein
Richard Laudor"Counsel at David Rozenholc Associates" --LinkedIn

Marianne Levine
Susan Levine
Karen Locitzer
Seth Markusfeld
Robert Masla
Liz McEntee
Marguerite McLean
Cliff Mendelsohn
Ilene Merdinger
Tyrone Meslon
Roselynne Mizner
Brian Muni
Peter Ogman"Education: Pratt Institute, Bachelor of Architecture 1983. Peter Ogman is currently overseeing the construction of the United States Mission to the United Nations in New York City. Prior to that, he was involved in the design and responsible for overseeing the construction of the David Geffen Foundation Building and the Maple Associates Ltd. Office Building, both in Beverly Hills, California. Mr. Ogman was also the project architect through the schematic and design development phases of the Saint Vincent’s Comprehensive Cancer Center in New York City. Prior to joining Gwathmey Siegel & Associates, Mr. Ogman was the project and construction architect for numerous culturally significant projects including the Dance Theatre of Harlem in New York City; the New York State Historical Association Fenimore House in Cooperstown, New York; and the exhibition design for the Whitney Museum Satellite Branch at the Equitable Building in midtown Manhattan. He was also involved with the renovation and adaptive reuse of theaters at The Brooklyn Academy of Music in Brooklyn and the Victory Theatre in New York. His commercial projects include the renovation of the public spaces of the St. Regis and Essex House Hotels in New York City and the design development of details for the construction of the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. A registered architect, Mr. Ogman is a member of NCARB, the American Institute of Architects, and the American Association of Museums. He joined Gwathmey Siegel & Associates in 1996 and was named an associate in 2000." --Gwathmey Siegel & Associates

Joel Peck
Joshua Peck
Neil Planick 
Angelo Romano
Jaimie Ross
Donna Ruskin
Debbie Shandell Abrams
Wendy Silberman
Leslie Smith Mignault 
Rick Smith"Rick Smith started this business in 1984, coming from a background in fabrics and home textiles. The business was originally located in Port Chester, New York and eventually moved to Mt. Kisco in 1993 when he acquired Draperies Plus of Kisco. Since the acquisition, Draperies Plus (the residential side of the business) and NYShade.com (the commercial side) have grown to become one of the New York metropolitan region's most talented and unique purveyors of window treatments and shading systems, due to our ability to create solutions to difficult shading situations. . . Rick started in the window treatment business in 1984 selling mini blinds, and now can count thousands of happy clients with wonderful draperies, valances and motorized window treatments. Rick is in demand for his expertise by howeowners throughout the tri-state area, major TV networks, Fortune 500 companies as well as (for special projects) beyond the tri state area." --Yelp: Draperies Plus of Kisco

Heidi Sonn
Andy Sunshine
Madeline Taney
Leslie Tormey
Jeff Trenner
Chris Wangler
Ira Weinstein
Susan Weiss
Wendy Wolff
Betsy Woolf
Ed Zabriskie

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Amy Abreval
Amy Bach
Bill Baker
Sandy Barnett
Pat Barresi
Lori Bergman
Kate Biggs
Eddie Bloom
Bill Booth
Jan Burtz
Franklin Lewis Coleman
Miriam Diamond
Wendy Dubbs Castineira"Leasing Analyst at US Forest Service - National Office" --LinkedIn

Harry Finch
Monica Foster
Ken Frigente
Hillary Garshan
Peter Glinert
Gabi Goodman
Tony Hendra
Susan Kaufman
Alissa Koerner
Jim Kornfeld"Global IT Project Manager at Baxter Healthcare" --LinkedIn
Jeri Krassner
Evan Lerner "I was in 3Is for 10th grade (1973-74), after which I moved to Florida and finished high school I’m an attorney and principal of Lerner, Cumbo & Associates, a staffing and recruiting firm in NYC." Web site: www.lernercumbo.com.
Janice Levine
Leslie Liebowitz
Ted Meyer"I am an artist, illustrator. I have authored/illustrated 3 humor books." Web site: www.artyourworld.com.
Jody Miller
Lisa Miller
Julie Mitner
Austin Montgomery
Paul Moroson
Patty Murphy
Paul Rappaport
Sharon Reiss
Danny Rose
Jackie Sadow
Sharon Sadow
Steve Samalot
Lauren Samuelsohn Primoff
Ted Seigel
Brett Serkez"I am a software engineer living in Framingham, MA. My wife and I just celebrated our 19th aniversary and we have a 10 year old son."
Wendy Shayne
Lynda Shenkman Curtis"Photographer/Sole Proprietor at Oxygen House Photography Studio" --LinkedIn

"Lynda’s journalistic approach to photography lends a sensitive and natural style to portraits and life cycle events such as weddings, bar and bat mitzvahs and family celebrations. She captures the essence of each special day without intrusion, recording the moments as they naturally unfold. Official photographer to the prestigious Jacob Burns Film Center, Lynda has documented the comings and goings of the many filmmakers, actors, writers and other celebrities who have passed through its doors. She is equally adept at portraiture on location and in the studio, and has photographed such diverse subjects as the on-air staff of a public radio station and the top level executives of numerous multi-national corporations. Lynda is the photographer of choice for many important fund-raising galas and events every year -- from formal dinners and awards ceremonies to golf outings. More than just a means of capturing a pretty picture, Lynda believes that photography has the power to change the way in which we view our own personal narratives and share them with others. During a recent trip to India, she worked with children in the slums of Bangalore, teaching them how to take photos of their world and each other. She then traveled to Rwanda where she worked with widows who lost loved ones, neighbors and family to the region’s genocide. For these women and children, the chance to look through the camera’s lens was an opportunity to view their experience from a new perspective, that of an observer and documentarian. 'It was gratifying to see how much joy they derived from this experience. The camera literally allowed them to reframe their reality to share with each other and the world beyond.' Whether looking for someone to document an important milestone, celebrate a personal achievement, or create a timeless portrait, Lynda’s clients appreciate her insight as much as her eye for composition and color. A graduate of The Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore Maryland, Lynda brings a journalistic and artistic sensibility to all her work."-- Oxygen House Photography

Teddy Siegel
Sam Silverstein
Mitchell Stamm
Shauna Tannenbaum
Laurel Wayne
Carol Weines
Bob Weissman
Carol Whitfield
Carol Wieneris

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Penny Baker
Kate Biggs
Claudia Bloom 
Nancy CohenWeb site: nancymcohen.com.
Jody Davis
Claudia Dreifus Pesce"Nursing Supervisor at Unity Health System, Rochester, New York" --LinkedIn

Amy Edelman"I am a freelance copy editor currently living on the Upper West Side of Manhatttan. I have two children. . . . I would love to hear from old (not aging, mind you) classmates."
Julie Edley
Todd Gitlitz
Abbey Jacobs"Living in Somers and teaching third grade in Briarcliff Manor."
Carolyn Jacoby 
Becky Joseph
Andy Kadison
Susan Kaminetsky
Adrian KellardDied November 14, 1991. "Adrian Lee Kellard was an American artist known for his woodcuts and sculptures of religious and often homoerotic imagery. Adrian studied at the State University of New York at Purchase from 1977 to 1980 under the guidance of Uruguayan artist Antonio Frasconi and Judith Bernstein. After leaving SUNY Purchase he apprenticed under Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt through the SUNY Empire State Program. Living in New York City, Kellard was represented first by Schreiber/Cutler Gallery in SoHo. From 1980- 1991 he exhibited in 6 solo shows and over 25 group exhibitions. Ownership of the gallery shifted in 1988 becoming Susan Schreiber Gallery where he was represented until his death. Kellard's earliest works were woodcuts prints which quickly led to his omitting the prints as his medium and creating the carved and painted wood blocks as the finished artworks. He freely drew upon an eclectic group of artists - Marsden Hartley, Picasso and Van Gogh in combination with religious imagery, "low" art and homosexual icons as the inspirations for his art. Kellard's works from 1983 were brightly colored and loudly didactic. In keeping with his goal of integrating religion into daily life many of his works were functional, i.e. desks, calendars and screens. In 1987 the artist was diagnosed with AIDS. Subsequently, a gradual change in his work appears. The work became less overtly religious and instead he began to use subdued colors and the tone became melancholy and compassionate." -- Visual AIDS
Scott Kling
Jill Kurtzman
Burton Levine
Lysa Morgan
Ivy Morrison
Sean O'Connor
Ellen Penzel
Gabe Ramirez
Mark Rockmore
Joanne Rothenberg
Ira Saferstein
Josh Seigel
Bonnie Shulman
Jane Sipser Kaplan
Debbie Smith
Erika Soldano
Nina Stein White"Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse was founded by Jonathan White, Cheesemaker and Nina Stein White, Dancemaker, in 2002, on a leased farm in Sussex County, NJ. We purchased a 185 acre farmstead in Milford, NJ in March of 2010, and moved our family, herd and business to Milford in June 2010." --Bobolink Dairy and Bakehouse

Jane Zweibel"Jane E. Zweibel has an M.F.A. in Painting from Columbia University, and a B.A. in Visual Art from Bennington College. She is a recipient of fellowships from the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, The Banff Centre for the Arts, and a grant from the Puffin Foundation. Her work has been featured in numerous solo and group shows, including Tabla Rasa Gallery, Brooklyn; Project Room 88, New York City; David Beitzel Gallery, New York City; 55 Mercer Gallery, New York City; the Mary H. Dana Women Artists Series, Rutgers University; the New York City Transit Museum, Brooklyn; and The Bronx Museum of the Arts. Ms. Zweibel's exhibitions have been reviewed in a variety of publications, including Art in America and the New York Times." --Jane Zweibel

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Susan Adler Weiner
Debra Brokman
Donna Brokman Wallach
Timothy Burrows
Adam-Troy Castro
Eliot Coleman
Sam Cooper
Miriam Geiger Glassman
Hillary Gershon
Naomi Goodman Press
Susan Grossman
John Harnett
Hillel Italie"I have spent the last twenty years in search of Alan Shapiro. Now I have found him: Hello, mamasue."
Jennifer Joseph
Lowell Kass
Joseph Katz
Laurie Kielson
Margery King
Rosine Klein
Susan Klotz
Deena Lebow"Cousins Ame Gilbert and Deena Lebow, both interested in food and art, launched Communal Table as a means to collaborate with chefs, experts, and food enthusiasts to foster community through dialogue and learning over a delicious homemade meal. Communal Table resembles salon suppers of yore and each event is orchestrated as a performance." -- Brooklyn Bread

Nora Shwide LeMorin
Sean McEntee"I don't watch TV or read the newspapers, I prefer nonfiction. For a while I didn't make any photographs, then I did, then I didn't again. Now I do again. I finally went to college in 1993, it was weird: all the clothes from the 70s were back in fashion, I kept thinking my classmates were people I knew from high school and then I'd think: 'No, you weren't even born in 1976 were you?'"

Leah Menken-Levenson
Joanna Miller
Alison Mittler
Lisa Mogull
Lisa Moroz"Thanks for maintaining a connection to my past."

Michael O'Hare
Sylvia Patterson
Kathy Ramos
Wendy Rogers
Susan Ronick Debbie
Kathy Scheibner Nardelli Seckler"I live in New Rochelle in the old White Cross building on Webster Avenue. They converted this historic building into lofts around 1999. I've been in the fitness business for the last 20 years and now I'm back in school for massage therapy. I live with my husband and two beautiful Portuguese waterdogs."

Robin Seigerman
Robert Stern
Lisa Stevens
Sean Tynan
Maria Wood

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete. Many names are missing from 1979.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Victor Balestrieri"Vice President, Recruiting, with Enlow & Associates, a leading retained executive search firm" --LinkedIn

SusanLee Barton"I was one of the first students to attend the Alternative Junior High School (cut from the budget my last year there), and then I went on to the 3-I program. (I got a wonderful education in political and community organizing as we fought to keep our junior high and high school alive.)"

"Conference and Administrative Associate at Friends General Conference" --LinkedIn

Ricky Baruc"Vegetable farmer Ricky Baruc, together with his wife Deb Habib, is cofounder of the nonprofit organization Seeds of Solidarity, a visionary solar-powered farm and education center based in Orange, Massachusetts. Seeds of Solidarity includes a vibrant family farm, where marginal land has been transformed into fertile fields that produce crops much in demand by restaurants and food coops. The entire farm and homestead models energy efficiency and is fully powered by solar electricity. Seeds of Solidarity also implements gardens and greenhouses with schools and runs SOL Garden, a program that teaches underemployed and low-income teenagers sustainable agriculture and how to cook with local foods. Ricky Baruc and Deb Habib are also founders of, and continue to organize with their neighbors, the North Quabbin Garlic and Arts Festival, one of the premier agricultural events of New England. It attracts 12,000 people each year, only produces 3 bags of trash, and inspires the artistic and agricultural economy while revitalizing an economically struggling community." --Omega
Nyles Bauer 
Carl David Birman"I work professionally as a not-for-profit grant writer, researcher and sometime administrator." Web site: Carldbirman.com

Steven Bluttal"Steven Bluttal is an independent curator, archivist and photography editor, and is based in New York. He is a former curator of the Estate of Andy Warhol, and of the Mies van der Rohe Archive, Department of Architecture & Design, Museum of Modern Art in New York. Bluttal was the Editor of Halston and Photographs of Ron Gaella, published by Phaidon Press and Greybull Press respectively, and the Photo Editor of Andy Warhol “GIANT” Size, also published by Phaidon. In 2007, Bluttal curated the exhibition of early works on paper entitled Andy Warhol 1948-1960 at Timothy Taylor Gallery." --Timothy Taylor

Jill Degan
Louise Domenitz"Marketing Director at eProvenance" --LinkedIn

"Former PR/Marketing executive and consultant for high tech companies and non-profit cultural organizations. Developed public relations strategy, programs and materials worldwide, and directed the activity of four international PR agencies hired to support the programs she designed. BA degree in French and Art History Magna Cum Laude from Tufts University." --eProvenance

Wendy Flaks Benesh-Lewis"Gannett Direct Mail Solutions - Major Accounts Manager. Publisher of CLIPPER MAGAZINE. Mom of 3 amazing teens, Multitasker & Ready to take on anything!" --Twitter

Dana Gips"Board Secretary, Social Media at Wilton Go Green" --LinkedIn

Diane GuidaTeacher, Dance and Home & Careers --Briarcliff Middle School

Kenny Jackel"Focused on developing and implementing new audio, visual, lighting, IP and control related technologies into architectural projects. To provide strong leadership and creativity for the inclusion of technology into a wide variety of projects, such as universities, hotels, commercial and government installations. Currently I travel between Asia and the United States on consulting contracts." --LinkedIn

"With over 25 years' engineering and design experience, Kenny is a specialist at incorporating technology into architecture. Having studied physics at University of New Paltz, New York, and music at Berklee Collage of Music in Boston, MA, Kenny has expertly applied his passions into his professional career. Having previously held positions as the director EAD, a systems integration company, specialising professional A/V, and as the CEO of Audio Intelligence Inc, a high resolution loudspeaker manufacture, since 2009, Kenny has been responsible for managing WGC's design and management teams. Over the course of his career, he has designed many broadcast, film, entertainment production and high-end recording studios, such as the Virgin Radio Complex. As his experience evolved, he became fascinated by the merging of technology and architecture, and he is continuously recognised for pushing the boundaries of what true integration means to interior design. Now at the helm of dwp | wgc, Kenny is setting new benchmarks of integrated audio-visual and lighting solutions, into architecture and interior design." --Design Worldwide Partnership

Alex Kass"Hey, thanks for setting up this website, which has really been a trip down memory lane and has helped me get in touch with some long-lost folks."

"Alex Kass is currently a Labs Fellow in Accenture Technology Labs in Silicon Valley, where he works to help the company anticipate technologies that will be important to the future of Accenture and its clients, and to develop prototypes, proofs-of-concept, and pilots that demonstrate innovative applications of those technologies. He is an expert at crafting innovative solutions which leverage technology to help improve the way work gets done. Alex has a deep background in artificial intelligence, cognitive science, collaboration, performance support, and learning technologies, He currently leads Accenture Digital Workforce Innovation Initiative within Technology Labs. The initiative focuses on two main areas: 1) Creating intelligent digital processes, leveraging enterprise collaboration, and other digital technologies to help employees coordinate with their team-mates, keep their teams aligned with adjacent teams, and share assets and expertise across the extended enterprise. And 2) Re-imagining the structure of work through crowdourcing. Alex works closely with leading social-collaboration technology vendors, researchers, and Accenture delivery teams to drive innovation in this area. Dr. Kass has over 25 years of experience working at the intersection of information technology and human cognition. He received his Ph.D. in computer science, with an emphasis on artificial intelligence, in 1990. Before joining Accenture in 2004 he held a number of positions in both academia and industry: Research Professor and Associate Director of the Institute for the Learning Sciences at Northwestern University; Executive Vice President of Cognitive Arts Corporation; and Senior Systems Scientist at Carnegie Mellon University." --LinkedIn

Paul Klotz
Valerie Misad DiPaola "I am currently a school district administrator...Supervisor of World Languages and ESL."

Sarah Safir
Neri Kyle Tannenbaum
Marty WagnerMathematics teacher, Wellesley Middle School, Massachusetts --Wellesley Public Schools

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Diane Archer
Elizabeth Baker
Keith Barbaria
Richard Baruc
Amy Bellinson-Clayman
Dan Bendell"I am living in Boston with my wife of thirteen years and the two most beautiful 4-year-old girls in the world. I work as a computer consultant to various high-tech and financial industry firms. I will always remember my time with the 3I Program fondly.
Marian Berkowitz
Jonathan Brody"I'm so thrilled to find this website. I live in Hell's Kitchen, NYC, and have a house in Sullivan County in the Catskills. I've been employed fairly consistantly as an actor for the past 22 years. I've been on Broadway, Off-B'way, played Europe, Japan, and North Africa, regional theatres all over the U.S., a tiny bit of film and TV work, and I've never waited tables. I still have great memories of those 3I days, and look forward to hearing from people I remember fondly, and thought I'd never hear of or from again."
Carolyn Carter
Doug Chervin
Dorianne Citron Cofer
Leslie Duberstien Ofer
Bob Flisser"Bob Flisser is the collector, writer, massager, finder, filterer, selector, checker and editor of the tips and the inspiration behind Professor Nester. Bob has been in the computer field for over twenty years and has been training students for almost 15 of those. A Super Nerd, Bob believes in showing his students every shortcut possible. This is why his students are forever asking him, 'Where can we get just the tips, man?' As the training director of Software School, Bob has not only trained thousands of students, he has written over a dozen manuals and numerous magazine articles. Wendy Richardson writes, edits and produces the Nerdy Book family of products. . . . In 1995, Wendy founded Software School, a training company that specializes in graphic design and custom software training. While operating Software School, Wendy, along with her partner Bob Flisser, founded Nerdy Books after years of planning and contemplation." --Amazon.com

Evan Forster
Dina Rose Friedman
Dan Glaser
David A. Goodman
Jane Eloise Grant 
Denise Greenbaum
Sarah HallWith close to 20 years of experience in the entertainment business working with models, celebrities and brands, Sarah Hall represents high profile entertainment and lifestyle clients. . . . Since founding SHP in 1994, Sarah has built a reputation for her ability to take personalities or products from niche industries and cross them over into more mainstream press. . . . Prior to founding SHP, Sarah worked in the Contemporary Music Department of the New York offices of the William Morris Agency. Before that, Sarah worked as an agent at Ford Models, Inc. for seven years. . . . Sarah earned an associate degree in Advertising Communication with a minor in Fine Arts from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. Sarah is proud to work with the Children's Craniofacial Association. Although she travels for business, Sarah resides in Manhattan with her husband and three children." --Sarah Hall Productions

Ira Jacoby
Sharon Helene Jacoby
Linda Kielson
Gary Kline
Andrew Maltz
Barry Nechis
Patty O'Hayer
Aaron Osborne
Sue Parenteau
Jim Philips
Barbara Reguero
Laurie Schoengold Rozenfeld
Leslie Rubin
Laura Safir?
Kyle Elizabeth Santos Washington"I actually was one of three individuals enlisted in the 3I Program . . . I believe it was 1977. I was transported over to New Rochelle High School from Albert Leonard for a couple of hours of independent study. The three students (including myself) were placed in the hallway of the second floor.
Leslie Schneider
Robin Schneier
Jodi Sweetbaum
Jennifer TurnerPossibly deceased.
Marc Weber
Andrew Winner"Mr. Winner is CFO and Principal of Winner Squared. With over 25 years of experience in software development and project management, Mr. Winner has extensive experience in sell-side technology. He primarily focuses on financial applications and is a pioneer in the field of trade cost analysis. Mr. Winner is responsible for the design and implementation of Instinet’s global Post Trade Cost Analysis system. Formally, Mr. Winner was a founding member of ITG where he designed and implemented their electronic execution systems and researched platforms. Mr. Winner’s prior experience includes: Western Asset Management where he served as Project Manager; Sun Microsystems and Bell laboratories where he served as senior systems’ engineer and sales support; New York University where he served as research associate on the Ultra-computer project in advanced parallel computing. Mr. Winner has a B.A in Mathematics and Computer Sciences from New York University and passed his securities licenses 7 and 63.In addition, he is a Certified Financial Analyst" --Winner Squared

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Markus Arike
Mitchell Baker"I live on Cape Cod with my husband."

Matthew Baugh
Nancy Baumwald
Eliza Beasley-Bunnell
Mark Blech"This is incredible. I found this site by chance and think it's great. Please let everyone know I live in Atlanta, Georgia. And would love to hear from ya'll. When do the class reunions start?"
Marguerite Bonar
John Chinnery
Julie Cohen
Ray Craviero
Bob De Acutis
Jack EmanuelOwner-operator at J and J Computer Works PC Repair, Brookfield, CT

Vicky Falzone
Susan Fisher
Dewitt Gilmore (Relentless Aaron)"It's been some journey since my involvement in the 3I program at New Rochelle High School. For the most part, what that program afforded me was a sort of liberation from the "standard" format and curriculum. And, for whatever it was worth (individuality vs. license to be cocky) there has to be a method to the madness. I've since become a best-selling author, a dad, and (by the time anyone reads this) a movie director/producer. Only by my past experiences have I been able to embrace diversity and speak myself into inclusion in this intricate fabric we call life. The 3I program was part of that past. A past (with challenges, hurdles, and sacrifices) that I would never change if I had it to do over again." Web site: Relentless Aaron.
Regina Goode
John Hazard
Scott Kennedy
Leslie Kielson
Robyn Klein
Karen Koenig
Janine Kourakas
Jackie Kramer
Ross LaGumina
Alisa (Lisi) Lebow
Jordan Lehr
Ken Marcuse
Angela McEntee"Employee Service Representative at Pepsi Beverages Company" --LinkedIn

"Angela McEntee is a mixed media artist, focusing on mixed media pieces created from citrasolv altered magazine pages, marker, paint and pen and ink. Her images are both whimsical and dark - and her inspiration is found in fairytales, dreams and Jungian archetypes." --Storenvy

Nancy Mura
Maureen Murphy
Jennifer Murphy
Michael Oxman
David Paley
Lynn Richardson
Denise Roche
John Rubin
Larry Saltzman
David Spirt
Danielle Starck
Adam Stern
Wendy Stevens
Matt Uppmann
Gwen Kline
Nicole Reis
Julie Rosenbluth
Jonah Stepakoff
Richard Wein

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Kenny BadlerLife I have been married since 1994. I have 2 beautiful daughters Bari and Jessica and a wonderful new son Jordan. After high school I went to Syracuse University and NYU Business School. I work in finance in the consumer goods industry in NYC. I am in touch with a number of people and would love to hear from old classmates." --Classmates.com

Michael Block
Eric Brechner"I really have to thank Josh for putting this site together. It allowed me to finally find Alan and thank him for being such a tremendous positive influence on my life. My son Peter, has autism. His diagnosis and subsequent miraculous improvement have been the focus of my life over the past years. I also have a wonderful older son, Alex, and a dear wife, Karen, who has done most of the work managing Peter's therapy. I've spent the past years working for Microsoft. . . . Microsoft is the first national corporation to provide insurance coverage for autism treatment, something that gives me great pride."

"Eric is the development manager for the Xbox Engineering Services team. He is widely known within the engineering community as his alter ego, I.M. Wright. Prior to his current assignment, Eric managed development for the Xbox.com web sites, was director of engineering learning and development for Microsoft Corporation, and managed development for a shared feature team in Microsoft Office. Before joining Microsoft in 1995, he was a Senior Principal Scientist at Boeing, and a developer for Silicon Graphics, GRAFTEK, and JPL. Eric has published two books on software best practices, holds eight patents, a BS and MS in mathematics, and a Ph.D. in applied mathematics. He is an Affiliate Professor evenings at the University of Washington's Bothell campus." --LinkedIn

Diane Carroll
Blair Cohen
Marnie Cooper"Marnie Cooper has been teaching acting for the past twenty years. A former child actor and longtime student of acting herself, Marnie has won much acclaim for her work with children and has been featured on national television and in popular print media. She has developed her own unique and phenomenally effective way of teaching acting to children and teenagers. Her students have worked in practically every major motion picture and television series with roles for children over the past two decades and have received many nominations for Emmys, Cable Ace and Tony Awards. Marnie's kids work – it's that simple." --Marnie Cooper School of Acting

Joanne Friedman
Sari Gadlin"Executive Administrative Assistant at American Friends of Yeshivot Bnei Akiva" --LinkedIn

Lisa Graziano
James Grody"In September 2005 I joined the Marriott Marquis. In the Main Kitchen, we regularly provided parties of up to 2000 with a wide variety of cuisines delivered as passed hors d’oeuvres, table service, as well as buffets. I oversaw a wide variety of staff, from line cooks to “chop shop” to stewards and have earned the nickname of “The General” based on my leadership skills. I also partnered regularly with Banquet Event Organizers, Pastry Shop, Senior Sous Chefs, the Executive Sous Chef, and the Executive Chef to ensure our culinary output was of the highest quality. Since my CIA graduation in 1991 I have trained under Chefs David Burke, Ed Brown and Jon Villa. I ran a restaurant as head chef for 7 years on the Upper East Side of Manhattan practicing my craft and challenging myself with new cooking techniques and presentations. Unfortunately, 9/11 happened and business dropped off; they could no longer afford both me and my sous chef. Several years later, my sous and I are still in touch and some of my original menu still remains. Finally, my Bachelors Degree in English from Brooklyn College has provided me with strong reading, writing, and oral speaking skills. Now I combine all my years of experience to launch The Tailored Chef." --LinkedIn

Ellen Healy Pegg
Bruce Jaret
Amy Josephs Loumeau
Anahid Kabasakalian"Behavioral neurologist, psychiatry resident" --LinkedIn
Marion Kass"I am an art teacher by day and entrepreneur by night (and weekends)." --Etsy

Polly Kearney"Polly (MaryAnn) Kearney, born January 2, 1964 in Red Bank, NJ, died on December 10, 2013 in an automobile accident in Monterey [, CA]. Polly was a long-time resident of Pacific Grove and Monterey, CA and most recently worked as a telecommunications operator at Language Line Services in Ryan Ranch. Polly had also worked as the Facilities and Events Coordinator at Monterey Peninsula College, and was an ardent member and one-time local President of the California School Employees Association. She held Associates Degrees in both General Education and Medical Coding from the very same school and was a member of the Class of 1982 at New Rochelle High School, NY. Polly was active in the Bay Areas 12-Step relief program and was a thoughtful, sincere, and selfless friend to many, as well as the world's best, most dedicated mother to her son, Brian Kearney. She called her son every night, trying her hardest to keep up with his hectic schedule. The two saw each other at least once a week and she followed her son's education and kept him on track when he became distracted from his goals. Polly will be missed by dozens throughout the region including dear friends, those she sponsored, co-workers, family, and especially her son. . . . A scholarship fund for Brian Kearney has been established at GoFundMe." --Monterey Herald via Legacy.com
Lisa KingI too have fond memories of 3I. I graduated NRHS in 1983. I am a reproductive endocrinologist, in private practice in Dallas, TX.

Sabryna Kurtin Drayton
Alyssa Marston Bruno
Rob McCarl
Daniela Nawi
Garry Novikoff"Garry Novikoff is a Tony Award-nominated music and theatre educator, an ASCAP award-winning children’s songwriter and a multi-faceted artist in his own right. Garry’s singer/songwriter career took off with “Dog on the Moon,” originally recorded for a compilation CD of songs about space travel produced by the National Space Society and the Mars Society. The song received radio airplay by DJs across the country, including the legendary Jonathan Schwartz on (Sirius XM and WNYC) and Bob Sherman (WFUV), and was featured on The Discovery Channel. 2009 saw the release of Garry’s full-length CD A Normal Life. The CD received rave revues, with Time Out New York calling it “a catchy -- and more importantly funny -- collection of pop songs.” One of the tracks, “I Like Men,” was embraced by satellite radio’s Sirius OutQ station. WFUV DJ Bob Sherman described two other tracks, “Lenny” and “Good Night Rabbit,” as “two aching memories swirled into heartbreaking songs of love and loss.” Garry’s songs have been embraced by many artists in New York’s cabaret community. In 2010 the artistic directors of the Duplex Theater mounted Take A Number: The Songs of Garry Novikoff leading to a MAC Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs nomination for his song “We Are The Meek.” In 2015, Garry’s work as a music and theater educator for children lead to the creation of a song-based music curriculum called "Music To My Ears.” In 2011 The American Society of Composers and Publishers honored Garry with the ASCAP Foundation Joe Raposo Children’s Music Award for “The Melody Song.” In 2015 Garry was recognized as a teacher a Tony nomination for "Excellence In Theatre Education." This award acknowledges teachers who inspire and nurture students, leading along a lifetime journey in the arts. Among Garry’s other projects was a marriage equality dance anthem called “It’s Our Time” which was nominated for two OUTmusic awards, Single of the Year and Humanitarian Songwriter of Year. Garry’s band, Angels In The Chamber, blends rock, pop, classical, atmospheric and improvisational music into a highly original genre all its own. The Angels were finalists in the Battle of the Boroughs concert at the Greene Space for WNYC hosted by WQXR DJ Terrance McNight. Garry also finds time to do music programs for the elderly and the mentally disabled both privately and with organizations such as Hospital Audiences and Music That Heals. He also sings girl group, doo wop, British invasion, and original songs in The Lovers, a vocal duo with songwriter Peter Dixon." --GarryNovikoff.com

John Parras"John Parras received a B.A. in Creative Writing from Carnegie Mellon University and a Ph.D. in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University. A National Endowment for the Arts Literature Fellow in Prose, John Parras is the author of Fire on Mount Maggiore (University of Tennessee Press, 2005), which won the Peter Taylor Prize for the novel. His creative work has appeared in Conjunctions, Salmagundi, Painted Bride Quarterly, Xconnect, Oasis and other literary journals, and his chapbook Dangerous Limbs: Prose Poems and Flash Fictions (2013) is published by Kattywompus Press. He is a Professor at William Paterson University, and Editor of Map Literary: A Journal of Contemporary Writing and Art. His newer work is forthcoming in Hermeneutic Chaos, The Flexible Persona, and Flash Frontier." --William Patterson University

Keith Phillips
Lisa Plutchik Silva
Ana Puszkin-Chevlin"I provide expertise, project management and education outreach on community planning initatives and urban (re)development project to real estate professionals and community organizations. My specific expertise lies in land-use planning, coastal hazard mitigation and planning for resiliency to climate change impacts." --Ana Puszkin-Chevlin, Ph.D.

"Urban Planner/Real Estate Consultant and Founder of StoresWeWant.com" --LinkedIn

Carolyn Rosenfeld Birnbaum
Amy Scharfman
Matheen (Matt) Shareef
Elisabeth Sperling"Elisabeth Sperling’s first feature, ONE NIGHT STAND, directed with Trish Dalton, was released theatrically in over 450 theaters in North America by Fathom and Front Row events. The film also aired on OVATION in the spring of 2013 and on Australia's SBS Studio in 2014. It won the Audience Award from Newfest and was called 'Captivating' by the LA Times, 'Joyous and heartfelt' by Indiewire, and 'Fast-paced and funny' by the NY Daily News. Elisabeth is also an educator with a passion for global history as a pathway to global understanding. She taught World History and other courses at The Horace Mann School for 14 years. She participates in the World History movement on a national level, giving workshops, writing curriculum, consulting, and helping to develop online tools." --LinkedIn

DeDe Sullivan
Dan Widmann"Associate Director responsible for Genentech's North American SAP system, member of the Global ERP leadership team." --LinkedIn

Dan Widmann's 1972 Torino Makes It Into the June 2008 >Hot Rod Magazine (via Mid Peninsula Muscle Car Club)
Jamie Winkler"I loved the 3I Program and I thought it helped get me ready for my college courses. I am now a business owner. I own a gymnastics school in Rockland County."

"Jamie holds a degree in Physical Education with a concentration in Adapted Physical Education from Ithaca College and has coached gymnastics for over 25 years. She has coached many State, Regional and National USAG champions, and New York State high school varsity champions. Jamie was named 2008 and 2010 Region 6 Coach of the Year." --Galaxy Gymnastics

Glen Wunderler
Emily Zweibel"I've had several career incarnations: First, a short stint as a community organizer, then I was a capital -- i.e., death penalty -- defense attorney, and now I am a [third] grade teacher. I love teaching, and I firmly believe this is my final destination. I live in Brooklyn with my dog, Dylan."

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Ellen Adler Hampshire
Mark Appel
Steve Avitable
Seth Ben-YishayDirector of Physical Therapy, Orthopedic and Sports Associates of L.I.

Mark Bloom
Julie Bonar
Jay Braverman
Jennifer Collins"I teach courses on comparative politics, Latin American politics, development, and peace studies. My research explores the relationship between indigenous and social movement politics and New Left governments in Ecuador and Bolivia. I am currently finishing a book manuscript on this topic entitled, Neoliberal Crucibles and New Left Revolutions: Indigenous and Movement Parties in the Transformation of Ecuadorian and Bolivian Politics." --LinkedIn

"Prof. Collins grew up in Westchester, near New York City. She lived and worked in Central and South America for more than eight years. For two years in the 1980s she worked in the war zones of Nicaragua with the peace and justice organization, Witness for Peace, trying to change U.S. foreign policy and end U.S. support for the contras. Subsequently she worked for four years in Quito, Ecuador with the Latin American Council of Churches. Professor Collins and her Argentine husband met at 11,000 feet above sea level in the Bolivian Andes and they are still short of breath. Together with her husband and daughter she loves to bike on the Green Circle, hike, backpack and travel. She began teaching at UWSP in 2007 having previously taught at Colgate University in upstate New York." --University of Wisconsin

Marcia Feinberg Swerdloff
Jeff Gould"Nice to see these names. I graduated Philidelpha College of Art. Moved to Chicago for a while with my wife and had a couple of boys. Moved back east to Jersey in '02 and had another boy. Fed up with the corporate world, I now have my own company and try as best I can to create art for people."

Adam Kennedy
Todd Krupa
Matthew Lippman"I am the author of three poetry collections: AMERICAN CHEW, winner of the Burnside Review Book Prize (Burnside Press), 2013; MONKEY BARS (Typecast Publishing), 2010; THE NEW YEAR OF YELLOW, winner of The Kathryn A. Morton Poetry Prize (Sarabande Books), 2007; finalist for the 2008 Patterson Poetry Prize. Awards include: Anna Davidson Poetry Prize, Georgetown Review Magazine Prize, Jerome J. Shestak Poetry Prize from The American Poetry Review, Michener Fellowship in Poetry, New York State Foundation of The Arts Grant, and others." -- Matthew Lippman

"Matthew teaches English and creative writing to high school students at Beaver Country Day School in the greater Boston area, where he lives with his wife and two daughters." --Bookslut: An Interview with Matthew Lippman

Diana Maltz"Thanks to Josh for creating such a thorough, smart website. I graduated Bennington with a B.A. in 1987, moved to the Bay Area in 1988 to start at Stanford, and in 1997, completed my Ph.D. in English. I am now . . . teaching at a small university in Ashland, Oregon -- about 10 miles above the California/Oregon border. It is beautiful here, mountainous and green. I have lived in England during stints as a visiting professor and research fellow. . . . As a professor, I tend to teach literature focusing on political and historical themes. My attempts to make my classes meaningful in this way -- and to get my students talking -- grow out of my 3I experience."

"Diana Maltz teaches classes in British literature and has a research specialization in Victorian Studies. She received her PhD in English Literature from Stanford University. Her most recent publication is a critical edition of Arthur Morrison’s 1896 slum novel A Child of the Jago. 'I enjoy introducing students to stories from the past and discussing how the issues survive into the present.'" --Southern Oregon University

"Dr. Diana Maltz is a specialist in late-Victorian literature and culture. She has been a professor at SOU since 1999 and is current Chair of the Language, Literature, and Philosophy Department. She received her BA in Literature and History from Bennington College, and both her MA and PhD in English from Stanford University. In addition to her book, British Aestheticism and the Urban Working Classes: Beauty for the People, 1870-1914 (2006), Dr. Maltz has published in a variety of professional journals and essay collections (9 articles and 11 essays). Her articles on Victorian counterculture have appeared in Victorian Literature and Culture and Journal of Victorian Culture." --Literary Ashland
Heide Oestreicher
Christina Reibman HavertyReal-estate agent, Austin, Texas.

Nicole Ries
Paul Rozenfeld"Instructional Technology Teacher at The Chestnut Hill School" --LinkedIn

Ivan Saperstein"Ivan Saperstein maintains a private law practice with a concentration in entertainment, art, business and contractual law, representing international and domestic film and television broadcasters and distributors, film and television producers, musicians and authors. His most recent position was Director of Business Affairs at Wellspring Media, Inc. Prior to joining Wellspring, Ivan was an associate at the law firm of Shukat, Arrow, Hafer and Weber, LLP, representing some of the most prestigious names in music business along with top names in the worlds of theatre, film, publishing and fine art. Ivan has also worked and been credited as Executive Producer and Associate Producer on feature films and has worked extensively in film production, as well as Senior Manager of Business & Legal Affairs at Unapix Entertainment, Inc. Ivan received his law degree from Whittier College of Law in 1995. He graduated from Emerson College with a B.S. degree in 1988. He is a member of the New York Bar and the New Jersey Bar, and is admitted to practice in the United States Courts for the Southern and Eastern District of New York." --Ivan A. Saperstein P.C.
Tom Salvatore
Jordan Schlanger"Jordan Schlanger was born in New York into a family of artists, designers, musicians, naturalists and inventors. Surrounded by a fertile environment of creativity, Jordan started making jewelry for family members by the age of four. Throughout his early years, Jordan was recognized as a prodigious creative talent. His devotion to the interrelated fields of music, sculpture and design was manifested at every level of education, forming a unique background for the fine jewelry collections he produces from his New York City studio. In the years before art school, Jordan pursued his passion for design and continued an intensive study of jewelry and art, ultimately enrolling in New York's Cooper Union School of Art to obtain a degree in sculpture. While producing sculpture installations at Cooper Union, Jordan simultaneously developed a collection of furniture, a collection of porcelain dinnerware, and an ambitious collection of wearable works of art, which reflected his inspired, sculptural themes and an innovative approach to the materials and mechanics of jewelry design. It was this collection that was presented at the premier gallery for jewelry, Artwear, in 1990, inspiring a comprehensive response from the fashion press and relationships with the most prestigious retailers worldwide. Jordan Schlanger is now a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) and of the International Jewelry Design Guild. His work appears regularly in magazines such as Vogue and In Style. He has been personally photographed and interviewed for Vogue magazine and Women's Wear Daily, and has appeared live on CNN. His jewelry is collected by celebrities such as Elizabeth Taylor, Janet Jackson, Madonna, Tina Turner, Courtney Love, Joan Collins, Uma Thurman, Halle Berry, Susan Lucci, Jane Pauley, Katie Couric, Judy Bloom, Carol Burnett, Stephen Tyler, Mia Farrow, Mike Myers and others. His work is worn by prominent news anchors and appears in films and television productions, most recently 'Sex and the City'. Jordan has collaborated with fashion designers Donna Karan, Mark Eisen and Han Feng. Jordan Schlanger's fine jewelry collections focus on the classic. Powerfully inspired by nature, Jordan draws from his years of sculpture and design to create exquisitely crafted fine jewelry that is meticulously engineered. Whether organic and gestural, bold and sleek, or subtle and reductive, Jordan's unique approach to metal, materials and form has expanded the possibilities of jewelry design, allowing for a new aesthetic freedom and an entirely enhanced consideration of the needs and desires of the wearer. His quest for the highest quality, technical innovation and truly inspired, classic design seeks to imbue natural forms with the touch and gesture that is sensitive to the wearer's body, eye and spirit. Each piece reflects his philosophy that design is a form of communication and that jewelry is the most permanent, personal and tactile form of design." --Jordan Schlanger
Jeffrey Smith-Migatz"After high school, I went to Westchester Community College for a bit and took some time off to work. In 1989, I went to the University of Arkansas to pursue a degree in architecture. Quite a departure from New Rochelle. At the end of my third year, I decided I had had enough of architecture and found I could use most of what I learned already for graphic design. I moved to California in 1993. I currently live just outside Los Angeles, and work downtown as the director of print production for a book publisher. I love my job. As for family, my parents moved to Tustin, California in 1993 and live about 90 minutes away. As for me, I have not yet married and have no kids. On the weekends, I volunteer some time with Jewish Big Brothers, and I'm currently studying to do voice-overs. Hopefully, I'll be doing animation."
John StelzBusiness Technology Consultant at Best Buy for Business -- LinkedIn

David Useda"Dr. Useda attained his B.A. in Psychology from the State University of New York at Binghamton. Dr. Useda earned his Master’s and Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. He then completed the University of Rochester’s Adult Psychology Internship Program, and received a Post Doctorate Degree at the Center for the Prevention and Study of Suicide also at the University of Rochester’s School of Medicine and Dentistry, Department of Psychiatry. He has trained extensively as a psychotherapist, and throughout his academic and research career, his focus has been the relation of personality to more severe emotional and behavioral problems." --Rochester Psychological Associates

Stacy WashingtonProgram Coordinator, Pre Enrollment Summer Program at Spelman College -- LinkedIn

Crystal White
Steve Yucht"[Dr. Steve] Yucht is quite familiar with the workings of an emergency department. Board-certified in emergency medicine, he was the hospital chief of staff and Emergency Department attending physician at Shands AGH until it closed in November. As with other AGH physicians, staff and employees, the closing meant Yucht had a choice to make. So the choice he made was to go out on his own and attempt to fill what he sees as a gap in emergency care in northwest Gainesville. Yucht, who lives in southwest Gainesville with his wife, Nicole, and their four children, said he's excited by the new opportunity to see "anything that walks through the door. . . . Basically, I now have the opportunity to take care of my neighbors," he said. "That's the essence of medicine." -- "New Emergency Center Opens on Tower Road," Gainesville Sun

"Was also a member of NASA’s medical support team for 33 shuttle missions" -- "Bringing Emergency Care Out of the ER," Home magazine (photo)

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Linda Ellen Block
Crystal Evans
Gina Fidacaro"Office/Production Manager at Skyline TRG Title Agency" --LinkedIn
Jacqueline Fine
Erin Finley"Sydney’s was opened as a catering company in 1993 by Erin Finley and her husband Chef David Blydenburgh, a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America. In 1996 Erin and David opened their first brick & mortar store in Westhampton Beach at the traffic circle adjacent to the movie theater. In 2003 they moved their specialty food emporium to its long standing Main Street location. They opened the doors in their new location on May 23, 2014 at 32 Mill Road. As one of the first prepared food markets in WHB to sell premium high quality gourmet-to-go food, Sydney’s “Taylor” Made Cuisine became the WHB staple for specialty food markets and their new location is an authentically unique celebration of specialty and local Long Island ingredients that will surely provide a most memorable experience. The name Sydney’s “Taylor” Made Cuisine is actually named after Erin & David's daughter's; Sydney is the name of their eldest daughter, Taylor the youngest." --Sydney’s “Taylor” Made Cuisine

Mike Froschl"I moved to France in 1990, and after spending a few lean years getting the language down in Montpellier, a small city in the south, I moved to Paris with my wife and soon found gainful employment as a translator, first with Price Waterhouse and now with a brokerage firm. Prior to all this I got a B.A. from Boston University, traveled through Europe for a year, and worked in film production in New York City. I have no plans to move back to the States. . . ."

Jeremy Grody"Jeremy Grody began his sound and music career in New York City. After graduating with a Master of Arts from NYU, Jeremy worked on and off Broadway with many of New York’s top actors, directors, theater designers, and luminaries. . . . With over 20 years of industry experience, Jeremy Grody has sound supervised and mixed more than 60 feature length films, and 100 plus episodes of prime time television shows. Highlights include Rod Lurie’s 2011 remake of Straw Dogs, Resurrecting The Champ (2007), and two seasons of Showtime’s comedy round table The Green Room With Paul Provenza. In 2012, Jeremy supervised and mixed Kirby Dick’s acclaimed documentary The Invisible War (2012 Academy Award nominee)." --Sound Logic Post

Carlton Henderson
Joann Hylen-O'Callaghan
Josh Karpf"Last and least editor of The First I. Now a freelance editor after twenty-five years of in-house work at at Simon & Schuster, Random House, Facts on File, and the Elsevier science Webzine HMS Beagle."

Stefanie Levy Kahn"As a child/teenage actress/singer/dancer based in NYC, Stefanie appeared in TV shows and films including the ABC TV special "A Gorey Halloween", HBO's "The Wilder Summer" and the 20th Century Fox Film "Without a Trace" in which she played Judd Hirsch's daughter. She also toured with the Broadway Production of "Annie" and performed in "Turn on the Heat" in Tokyo, Japan. After receiving her BFA in theater from Rutgers University she moved to Los Angeles where she continued to perform in theater (Colony Theater, West Coast Ensemble etc..) and did guest spots on TV, as well as commercial and voice over work." --IMDb

"Stefanie is a residential specialist for Burbank, Toluca Lake, Studio City, Sherman Oaks, Valley Village, and North Hollywood. She has also sold homes in Mar Vista, Pasadena, the Hollywood Hills, Beverly Hills & West Hollywood. Originally from NYC, with a background in the entertainment industry, Stefanie has resided in the Los Angeles area (Brentwood, Toluca Lake, and Burbank) for over 20 years . Since getting her real estate license in 2007, she has quickly become a sought after agent." --John Aaroe Group: Stefanie Kahn

Featured in "New York Artists Move to LA," House Hunters Renovation

Sharon Nechis Castillo"Instructional Design Consultant at Demandware. Expertise in designing, developing, and delivering effective training in a variety of formats." --LinkedIn

Merle OxmanDied February 8, 2008. Memorial page: Rising Moon Midwifery: Merle Alisa Oxman

(memorial group)
Jennifer Press"I received my MA in Counseling Psychotherapy from Antioch University, Los Angeles in 1995 where I worked with a variety of underserved populations, including adults who have developmental disabilities and dually diagnosed adolescents. Moving to Angola, Africa, where I was the Senior Liaison Officer for a relief agency, gave me invaluable insight into the struggles of others, both emotionally and physically. Upon returning to the United States I worked as a therapist and executive in the world of international adoption. I am currently the Administrative Director for the Marina Counseling Center and I also see individuals for personal psychotherapy."--Jennifer Press, LMFT
Renee Rauch
Abby Schulhoff"As an educator, Abby founded two learning institutions with an emphasis on art: Abby's Place Inc. in N.Y.C. and Auntie Abby's Adventures LLC in Hawaii. As a working Artist, she has exhibited her work in New York, N.Y., Hudson, N.Y., and on Maui. She has over 20 years teaching experience with children and believes that creating art is an essential part of the learning experience for all ages." --YM & YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood

"Painter Abby Schulhoff, whose work will be featured in the upcoming show, 'Agriculture,' at the Columbia County Council on the Arts" --Rural Intelligence
Jamie Smolen Kristofco
Patrick Toussaint
Randi Winkler-DiNatale
Laura Zarrow"Women@Work co-host, Sirius XM Business Radio Powered by the Wharton School. Women at Work is weekly conversation on how to help women join, stay, succeed and lead in the workplace. We explore tactics and strategies to help women and men at all stages of career; talk with extraordinary role models; and look through the gender lens to build a more inclusive, satisfying and diverse workplace." --LinkedIn

"Laura Zarrow, Executive Director of Lifelong Learning at The Wharton School, has spent her career bringing innovations to the teaching and learning process, developing new academic programs and systems to advance educational goals. Prior to her work at Wharton, Zarrow served as the Dean of the Lyme Academy of Fine Arts after spending 15 years at The University of the Arts as the Assistant and then Associate Provost. Zarrow holds a BFA from the University of the Arts and her MSEd in Higher Education from the Graduate School of Education at the University of Pennsylvania." --Wharton: Business Radio on Sirius XM: Women@Work

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Josh Alberts"I'm married and living just outside of Charlottesville, VA. I've been working as a roadie for the last eight years."

Juliana Beasley
Jennifer Bergman"Since 1981, West Side Kids has been the neighborhood toy store for Manhattan's Upper West Side. Founded by Alice Bergman and now run by Alice and her daughter Jenny, NYC's West Side Kids carries a comprehensive selection of well chosen toys and gifts for children of all ages." --West Side Kids

"Like Meg Ryan, [Jennifer] Bergman is now fighting back. And in the process she is trying to put a human face on the toll paid by all New Yorkers, she believes, when large, impersonal megastores displace the mom-and-pop shops that so often help to define a neighborhood." --The Little Toy Shop that Could, Daily News

Jonathan Berk
Dave Bergen
Christine Bradley
Veronica Calabrese
Mia Eckhaus
Lisa Goldwater
Greta Guzman
Sue Jankowski
Miriam Lango"I joined the department of surgical oncology at Fox Chase Cancer Center in 2004 as a head and neck surgeon as well as an ear, nose and throat specialist. In my practice, I have a special interest in tumors located in the upper aerodigestive tract, thyroid, skull base and sinonasal tract. My particular area of treatment expertise is minimally invasive surgery." --Fox Chase Cancer Center: Miriam Lango

Rebecca Lippman
Joseph Maldonado
Tonya Maxey
Gregg Phillips
Ellen Plotnick Maiara"Chief Solutions Officer, Event Solutions Management, Non Box-ie Thinker, Electronic Gadget Lover" --LinkedIn

Neil Sambol"Executive Director, Software Development at Amplify Education" --LinkedIn

David Scher"After high school went to Cornell Univ. undergrad and Fordham Law school. Worked in a law firms and tech companies and now assistant general counsel for Carfax. Married in 1992 to high school love. Two kids, 9-year-old boy and 6-year-old girl who are awesome. Yoga practicioner. Member of Unitarian Universalist church in Sterling, Virginia. Live in Sterling and love life."

I am in a class called "Wisdom" which is about fun and play as an adult. Anyway we do an autobiography with a picture and list of people from our lives in each year of our lives. Your website has totally helped put together names of people from high school 3I's--thank you!

Laura Seltz"I'm a teacher living in Margaretville, NY now -- happily married, and a member of the Fire Department and EMT squad."

Ilana Tannenbaum
Andrei Uyehara
Michael Young

Names and classes are from informal sources, and therefore are often wrong or incomplete.
Check nearby years if a name appears to missing, and feel free to submit corrections.
Jonathan Adler"Working four jobs while taking a full undergraduate course load prepared me for the real world: Hard Work = Success. Shortly after graduation, I founded Total Communications--a 24-hour call center that serviced the medical community. Our Westchester County-based business grew to 30 employees and served almost 1,000 physicians throughout the tristate area. After selling the business in 2004, I started my career with Strategies for Wealth." --Strategies for Wealth: Jonathan Adler

Andre Arrola
Joshua Berger"How wonderful to see all these names together! So many of you were major and minor influences on my life (and I doubt that many of you realize[d] it.) I've been living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn for the past six years or so, playing drums now and then, freelance computer-graphicing, and teaching a few computer classes. Long live the 3Is!!!"

Jonathan Brechner"I’ve been writing since I was thirteen, mostly poems, but stories as well. In 1997, while hiking the Appalachian Trail, I began telling the stories I wrote to my fellow hikers along the trail. This led to several years of professional storytelling in bookstores, cafes and upon the stage. Much of my tales are my own, but I also perform folk tales from around the world. Over the past few years, I’ve focused mainly on writing poetry while working on my MFA. My work tends to focus upon nature, story and being human. I’m a full time teacher, working with emotionally disturbed kids and also hold down a second job at REI. Add going to school full time and carving out a time to write becomes finding time to write becomes challenging. I tend to just find moments in the day, between jobs, when the kids are gone, to open up my journal. I write in spurts letting the books I read inspire the language and form I use." -- Working Artists’ Assembly: Jonathan Brechner

"I've sold insurance, vacuum cleaners, bagged fruit, been a janitor, hiked the Appalachian Trail, John Muir Trail, West Coast Trail, other trails, don't want to write them down, biked 1/2 the Continental Divide, did professional storytelling. . . . Hope this either amused you or was rewarding. Seeing the names of people I knew was for me. Thanks for the site."

High School Faculty: Jonathan Brechner

Bill Clifford
Roger Cohen
David Eller
Jane Fox Pike"Jane Pike was happily in her element -- crouched on the face of a cold New Hampshire mountain in the dead of winter, striving to climb higher. 'I loved being up there! I loved it!' wrote Pike, 46, a veteran ice and rock climber, to a bevy of friends and supporters in the aftermath of her . . . attempt to ascend the Northeast’s highest peak, 6,288-foot Mount Washington. While the mountaineering expedition -- a first for the adventurous Woodstock resident, who works as a physical trainer and serves in the local fire department -- fell short of the summit, it whetted her appetite for future assaults on snowy slopes. . . . While she plots her next escapade, life is unlikely to get dull for Pike. With her husband, Gregory (who grew up in Woodstock but is unrelated to the noted artist John Pike), she is raising the couple’s three sons, Finnegan, 14, Ronan, 12, and Cade, 9. She serves as an emergency medical technician with Fire Company No. 5, the rescue squad, and is also a member of Zena-based Company No. 4. She is a peace officer with the fire police and is certified for low-angle rescue, ice rescue, and search-and-rescue operations. And then there’s the Gal Group, a network of local-area women that Pike and a friend founded in 2007. Annually, between March and September, Pike organizes six or seven participatory events, ranging from instruction in skydiving and archery to workshops on bread making and beekeeping, for subsets of the more than 300 women on the network’s email list. 'I try to pick things that get the women out of their comfort zone,' said Pike." -- Woodstock Times

Video: Hudson Valley Good Stuff interviews Jane Pike on Hiking

Joanna Froschl
Stephen Goodless
Charlie Hess
Emily Widmann McBurneyEmily McBurney is a national expert in the division of retirement assets in divorce cases. She prepares Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (“QDROs”) for clients across the country. Emily is sought after for her expertise, and is frequently asked to speak at legal conferences nationwide to educate other lawyers about her specialized field. She is often called upon to serve as an expert witness in this highly technical area of the law. --Kegel McBurney: Emily Widmann McBurney

Jimmy Ostrove
Victoria Pasquale Broccolo
Della Stott
Wendy TarlowWendy is a cancer warrior, both brave and compassionate. In the course of battling cancer, she turned her creative energy and empathy to children fighting cancer. --Wendy Tarlow, Cancer Warrior

Jonathan VailWorks at Super 8 Stamford/New York City area, studied hospitality mgt at Lynn University, graduated in 1996.

John Washburn

Facebook: 3I Program Alum