Freshman Year 1950-1951

September 1950 - One hundred and forty-five eager freshmen ended the pleasant summer vacation and entered Stonington High School.

December 15, 1950 - Cheer and good-will reigned at the annual Freshman Party, held in the gym which was decorated in the festive "Spirit of Christmas."

Sophomore Year 1951-1952

December 1951 - The class elections showed a change this year in several offices. As president, Fred Pampel was chosen; vice president, Franklin Sylvia; secretary, Ruth Buzzi; treasurer, Rita Roderick; and Student Council members, Ruth Buzzi, Maxine Gensburg, Ronald Walter, and George Foley, all serving as President Pampel's able assistants.

April 14, 1942 - The never-to-be-forgotten Sophomore Talent Show was presented as an assembly. . . .

May, 1952 - "A Spring Garden" was the theme of the Sophomore Hop, the annual social feature of second year students. Do you recall the gaily decorated Maypole, the porch-like effect for the band and the flower bouquets that adorned the gym?

May 22, 1952 -The cheerleaders were chosen. Elected were Ruth Buzzi, captain; and Maxine Gensburg, Lois Kain, Janet Schiller, Joanne Sutcliffe, Jessie Spivey, and Patti Van Pelt as squad members.

Junior Year 1952-1953

November 1952 - Elections for class officers followed the previous year quite closely. Fred Pampel was again president; vice president, Ronald Walter; secretary, Ruth Buzzi; treasurer, Rita Roderick; and Student Council members, Ruth Buzzi, Marge Lord, Ronald and Russell Brown and James Stewart.

February 24-26, 1953 - At last the long anticipated date of departure for the Juniors' annual trip to the United Nations in New York City! Besides the thrill of "getting to the big city" there will remain in our memories the visits to the United Nations Building, the shows, the typical "tourist haunts," and even the jaunts just gazing at the city itself.

April 22, 1953 - Ruth Buzzi was the representing Junior star in "The Heiress," the annual play along with Barbara Pond, who held a supporting role and many Juniors helped on the many committees.

June 18, 1953 - "My Blue Heaven" - Whether it be the song or just the words will bring to mind the every romantic Junior Prom. Remember the smiling moon keeping watch over the "young lovers". . . .

Senior Year 1953-1954

October 1953 - Class elections were held to choose who would lead the Seniors. Chosen were: Fred Pampel, president; Ronald Walter, vice president; Ruth Buzzi, secretary; Rita Roderick, treasurer; and Student Council members Ruth Buzzi, Barbara Pond, Rita Roderick, Eileen Shea, Ronald and Russell Brown, George Foley, and James Stewart.

November 1953 - The Senior Talent Show brought down the house with the students' performances. Who will ever forget the famous Buzzi version of the "Can-Can"?

January 23, 1955 - Balloons, tempting cotton candy, gaudy booths offering prizes, and the orchestra on the carousel - do these things bring to mind a memory? Certainly, it was the annual Senior Prom and as its theme was the "Carnival of Love."

April 19-24, 1954 - Our fondest dreams were fulfilled. The trip to Washington was completed even before it seemed it had begun. The group saw the seat of the nation's government, wandered about the capital and visited some historical places of interest. Will anyone ever forget the Capitol all lighted up at night, the shining affirmation of our democracy?

May 1954 - The Glee Club again presented its annual show. This year it had an international flavor with songs and dances from many a country.

June 1954 - Class Day arrived and with it the warm spring sun which showered its warmth on the traditional Class Day activities which included the presentation of the class gift and the planting of the ivy.

June 1954 - Commencement exercises were held and those who began their high school career four short years ago reached the end of their first goal. Now the eyes of the new graduates will be turned to the shining light of some new and higher achievement which will be attained only after diligent efforts on their part.