By Josh Karpf. Hear the song (1.6 meg MP3).

My name's Scrapemaster P
And I'm here to say
I can beat Emery B any day
Wassup with you
Check out my minerals
I've softened the feet
Of kings and generals
I make yo heel
As soft as yo bust
I fought Mr. Loofah
Funky shit now is dust
I'll nuke yo callouses
Smooth out yo bumps
The more you do Pumice
The more you gets humps
I'm meaner than karate
Badder than kung fu
Play with the Scrapemaster
Or keep on yo shoe
I won't mack pussies
With they hard scaly feet
My hoes' paws
They soft like meat
So grind till yo bloody
Pumice don't stop to knock
Your callous to my stone
Like a head to a glock.

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